Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tun Tan Cheng Lock Foundation / Scholarship: Application

There seems not to be much info on Tun Tan Cheng Lock Foundation (Scholarship) on the I'll try to post as much stuff I know about its application here. Just to help out the (many) clueless out there! :)

TTCLF seems to be very low profile as you can't find it being advertised in any newspapers or does it has its own website. I got to know that in order to get the application form, you'll need to WRITE to them with an enclosed self-addressed envelope to this address:

P.O. BOX 13615

Once you've got it, fill it up and send them back before the closing date. Some of you may ask, "Since they don't publish any notice anywhere, then how the hell would I know the closing date??? When should I send the letter asking for the form???" I don't know too....but I suggest that you do so immediately after STPM results are out! I believe the offer is open concurrently with pre-U results.

Here are the conditions and procedure for application:
1. Applicants should be Malaysian citizens.
2. Applicants should possess good academic qualification.
3. Tun Tan Cheng Lock Foundation Undergraduate Awards are for needy students only.
4. Only undergraduates / prospective undergraduates reading for a first degree are eligible to apply.
5. Applicants' course of study and University must be recognised by the Malaysian Government. This should be certified by a letter from the Public Services Department (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam), Malaysia.

I) All applications must be made on the official application forms of the Foundation. Completed forms should be returned to: (the above address)

II) Applicants should enclose certified copies of the following documents:
1. STPM certificates
2. School testimonials and school leaving certificates
3. Birth certificate
4. Parents' / Guardian's Income Tax Notice of Assessment. If parents' / guardian's income is not taxable, please submit other proofs of income such as EA Form (Form J)
5. Undergraduates should submit all results obtained in University / College including their latest results as soon as available.
6. Applicant's and siblings' NRIC. (as of year 2010)

III) Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

IV) All applications must be submitted before the closing date stipulated on the application forms. Late applications will not be considered.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview.

As of year 2010, TTCLF provides scholarship of RM 7000 per annum to students of various field (Yes....include Medicine and Dentistry). So, good luck to everyone who plans or had applied!! :)

PS: TTCLF may change the required documents in the, make sure you get the latest info on it before applying! :)
Oh....and the dateline for year 2010 application is 31st March 2010. (yeah I's tomorrow)

PPS: TTCLF Trustees' office is at Wisma Tun Sambanthan, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur. It is possible for you to go there straight away and apply on the spot with all your supporting documents. Once again, good luck!!!! XD

Buddy Outing @ Lookout Point

All these while I've only heard about how beautiful is this place and a perfect spot for couples or a bunch of friends to hang out. The night scene is beautiful.....overlooking the whole KL nightlife...cooling...relaxing....and many more comments by others who had been there before. Last Sunday, I finally had my chance! It was the last buddy outing for the year before everyone gets REAL busy for their year end professional examination! And it was a truly enjoyable and memorable one!

 ~Dinner at foot of Lookout Point....a private pond-cum-restaurant serving Thai food.

 ~ Pre-dinner photo! My lovely buddy line! :)

~ Food we ordered

~Went uphill to Lookout Point for dessert and drinks! Another buddy line pic with KL night view as background.

~ Spectacular view!!! XD 

So? You wish to go there too but don't know the way? Fret not! Here's a map drawn by my roommate, Shim Chung Nam! Credits to him for this wonderful lil' thing! LOL! But there's another way to it....using Federal Highway which I'm not really good in describing now for I have just been there once! Just FYI, there are alternative roads leading to this lil' gem of a place! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My orthodontic care companions...:)

Ever since I had put on braces, I brush my teeth 5 times a day (out of bed once, after every meal another time and before bed too) and have been taking care of my teeth extra vigilantly by using these care set! Which of course.......costs me more money to buy them! T_T

My beloved care set includes: Colgate Ortho toothbrush; Colgate Phos Flur Anti-cavity Flouride Rinse; and an interdental brush! ^^,

I wonder how long can I keep this up.....brushing and rinsing so many times each day.....Oh well.....wish me luck! ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Annual Dinners

Yup! I've mentioned these before.....was frustrated with them in the first place as I couldn't get anything to wear! LOL! So I've went to loan a blazer and bought a vest....hopefully I look good in them. Here are some pictures from both dinner. You be the judge! :)  Oh! And as usual lah.....all the food sucks in both the dinners! LOL! =P

Malam Penganugerahan ASTAR Phase 2
~ Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya (duh!)

1. Pre-dinner pic....nice view right?

2. Lovely chandelier

3. Me and my roommate (the blazer was from him)! I like this pic the most! :D

Dental Night Dinner (DND)
~ Hillton hotel, Petaling Jaya

1. Reluctancy to smile as I've just put on braces.....:(

2. But after a few shots.....oh what the heck! Still.....I look good with them right? LOL! XD

3. DND hall setting

4. Yup!!! I was up on stage performing!! Hahaha.....hope it managed to capture the hearts of many! =P

5. My incomplete buddy line!! :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project-κ On Hold......:(

Darn! After putting on braces, I can barely chew properly! So, how can I enjoy my food now? Let alone taste them! Sigh.....looks like Project-κ gotta be put on hold guys.....*sob* I really REALLY miss eating like the good old days....... Just hope everything will be sorted out soon......I do literally mean my teeth! LOL!

*thinks of all the good food*
*stomach growls*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Braced myself for braces

At 10.00pm yesterday, I received a call from a postgraduate Orthodontic student, Dr. Suryati, asking me to come for my first orthodontic treatment today! The call was so sudden that I was totally NOT prepared for it! Both mentally and financially! Though it only costs RM750 for the whole treatment (cause I'm a dental student and we get special discounts as well as to cut queue! =P), considering it's only a few weeks past CNY, my parents mana ada anymore allocation for my beauty treatment???

But she told me I can pay in installment....."for how long also can and pay how much everytime you come, also can". My treatment will be for a year and a half. I didn't really wanted to go for it at first....but I thought to myself.....if not now, when??? My main concerns wasn't aesthetics.....cause my upper teeth is fine, almost perfect allignment! I dare say I have a beautiful smile! My problem lies on my lower's crowded and's difficult for me to keep them clean and inaccessibility to my interproximal area of my teeth will cause caries in the future! So, I can say that the main reason I opt for this is for a better oral hygiene....
Future dentist mah.......must have perfect set of teeth! Or so to say........

Dr. Suryati placed brackets on my teeth today - from 2nd premolar to 2nd premolar....both upper and lower jaw. How is it? Pardon me if I'm being too honest......but I F*#KING HATE it!!! It makes my lips look swollen.....and there's this constant, lingering uneasiness feeling like something-got-stuck-in-between-and-on-my-teeth-but-can't-do-anything-cause-if-I-do-the-whole-bloody-brackets-and-wire-will-drop-off! And I can't chew my food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She put 2 restorations on both my lower molar to raise my occlusion, so that I won't bite on my brackets! And I F*#KING HATE that feeling!!!!! I can't chew....which will lead to can't eat well and much.......which leads to won't feel full......which leads to a grumpy and unhappy me!!!!!!

*sob* I really feel like I wanna cry now.........I do regret doing this.......Just wish I had said NO and live with my original set of least I will be happy and enjoying life as the old William does....... :'(

Friday, March 5, 2010

I've FAILED!!!

During my secondary school days, I remember I failed once before.....during Form 4......for Pendidikan Moral. I was deeply saddened by it eventhough it wasn't considered as a core subject or in other words a very important subject then. But the actual fact of failing and finding a bright, red, D on your report card is really disheartening! Maybe it was a culture shock....I don't know....maybe I was still adapting to the transition from Form 3 to Form 4. Whatever it is, I've told myself then, that this will be the first and last time for me failing a subject!

And I've worked hard for the rest of the years till I came out of secondary school and into Form 6 and finally got a place in Dentistry in University Malaya. Of course, being a professional course, this ain't easy as well..... Stress was undoubtly present, lingering on everyone as time goes by. And I work even harder for my first professional exam....and scored pretty well (1 A+, 2 A's, and a B). This time I am in my second year.....had had my semester mid-term test just before CNY, and results were out today....

As the title suggested, I've failed......I've failed yet again!.......this time, for a subject called Dental Material and Technology. you would have guessed it, it is a core subject of Dentistry.... I don't know what happened.......I mean, I could answer those questions......well, at least I thought I could....

And result shows I've obtained an E! Man....that is such a HUGE blow to my face! But I was not alone.....99% of the class failed too..... Only 1 out of 83 students passed.....and that also was with a grade C. Of course, I can't take this as a consolation........ Others fail, doesn't mean I have to fail too.....only a loser will take that into account! And I know I am not one! Why do you wanna be among the 'average' in a Distribution curve?? Opt to be the the better end of course! That's what I always wanted to...

Eventhough I've failed, I know I can't give up now......instead, I've got to etch this FAILURE to my skin and into my heart, if it's possible, as a constant reminder for me to work even even harder!!! Maybe this is a blessing in disguise......God wants me to be more hardworking, and making me fail this time serves as a booster shot to raise my fighting spirit, as in a booster shot in vacinnation for a higher immune response....

My second professional exam is nearing.....less than 2 months to go..... William, I know you can do it again this will study at your best and will get all A's for your exam this time. I know you can! I know I can!!! *fire burning*

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion wants!!!

I've been surfing online for men's fashion and am hooked on beautiful, really cool looking and according to fashionistas, these are must haves for a decent men's wardrobe. Of course.....these doesn't come in cheap! Sigh...........looks like I need to ikat perut and save up much much more money in order to get these.... :'(

1. A customised blazer

2. Cardigan

3. Vest

4. Leather jacket

5. Skinny ties

6. Boots

7. New pair of shoes I've got so much more needs! Looks like finally becoming a man is not easy! Fashion wise that is! ;P

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