Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buddy Outing @ Lookout Point

All these while I've only heard about how beautiful is this place and a perfect spot for couples or a bunch of friends to hang out. The night scene is beautiful.....overlooking the whole KL nightlife...cooling...relaxing....and many more comments by others who had been there before. Last Sunday, I finally had my chance! It was the last buddy outing for the year before everyone gets REAL busy for their year end professional examination! And it was a truly enjoyable and memorable one!

 ~Dinner at foot of Lookout Point....a private pond-cum-restaurant serving Thai food.

 ~ Pre-dinner photo! My lovely buddy line! :)

~ Food we ordered

~Went uphill to Lookout Point for dessert and drinks! Another buddy line pic with KL night view as background.

~ Spectacular view!!! XD 

So? You wish to go there too but don't know the way? Fret not! Here's a map drawn by my roommate, Shim Chung Nam! Credits to him for this wonderful lil' thing! LOL! But there's another way to it....using Federal Highway which I'm not really good in describing now for I have just been there once! Just FYI, there are alternative roads leading to this lil' gem of a place! :)


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