Friday, March 5, 2010

I've FAILED!!!

During my secondary school days, I remember I failed once before.....during Form 4......for Pendidikan Moral. I was deeply saddened by it eventhough it wasn't considered as a core subject or in other words a very important subject then. But the actual fact of failing and finding a bright, red, D on your report card is really disheartening! Maybe it was a culture shock....I don't know....maybe I was still adapting to the transition from Form 3 to Form 4. Whatever it is, I've told myself then, that this will be the first and last time for me failing a subject!

And I've worked hard for the rest of the years till I came out of secondary school and into Form 6 and finally got a place in Dentistry in University Malaya. Of course, being a professional course, this ain't easy as well..... Stress was undoubtly present, lingering on everyone as time goes by. And I work even harder for my first professional exam....and scored pretty well (1 A+, 2 A's, and a B). This time I am in my second year.....had had my semester mid-term test just before CNY, and results were out today....

As the title suggested, I've failed......I've failed yet again!.......this time, for a subject called Dental Material and Technology. you would have guessed it, it is a core subject of Dentistry.... I don't know what happened.......I mean, I could answer those questions......well, at least I thought I could....

And result shows I've obtained an E! Man....that is such a HUGE blow to my face! But I was not alone.....99% of the class failed too..... Only 1 out of 83 students passed.....and that also was with a grade C. Of course, I can't take this as a consolation........ Others fail, doesn't mean I have to fail too.....only a loser will take that into account! And I know I am not one! Why do you wanna be among the 'average' in a Distribution curve?? Opt to be the the better end of course! That's what I always wanted to...

Eventhough I've failed, I know I can't give up now......instead, I've got to etch this FAILURE to my skin and into my heart, if it's possible, as a constant reminder for me to work even even harder!!! Maybe this is a blessing in disguise......God wants me to be more hardworking, and making me fail this time serves as a booster shot to raise my fighting spirit, as in a booster shot in vacinnation for a higher immune response....

My second professional exam is nearing.....less than 2 months to go..... William, I know you can do it again this will study at your best and will get all A's for your exam this time. I know you can! I know I can!!! *fire burning*


Alan Khoo said...

mm.. that's sad, sorry for your case, but what's the main reason for so many students failed?

It's good that u going to put more effort by study even harder. Would it be better to know what is the reason?

I have one similar case just like you but it happened to my seniors where 85% of the students get low grade. Reason? they took it too easy and they thought it's just common sense. Lesson learn: not underestimate any subject and always attend lectures (some of the questions out in final exam is nt from the textbook anyway) :)

Still, all the best for your coming exam!!!

Unknown said... I'm waiting for the test review to know what the hell went wrong?! Definitely learnt a lot from this! X_X

Kin Man said...

Go go go!! Dun give up! You can do it :) Your hard work and persistance will surely pay off!

Anonymous said...

Hi William,
I really hope all of you will pass the exam with flying colours:)
Will try to help as much as I can!
Dr. SF

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