Friday, April 30, 2010

Of Exams and Body Fat

Woot! Exams are over baby!!! End of year 2!! And *slash slash* still got 3 more years to gooooooooooo~~~ (I'm getting used to the fact that my course is a bloody 5 years it or not....most, if not all, of my friends had graduated before me!) Sigh....

Anyway, I can sleep without having nightmares now and my heart is beating normally again! Phew!!Hoping I can get a few distinctions again this time! *fingers crossed* :)

Went for a self-treat post-exam lunch with a few of my (closer) coursemates immediately after our last paper... Arcade first (yes...I'm 20-ish and I still go to arcade! Apparently it's been YEARS since the last time I stepped into one. Believe me, those games I used to play when I was young(er) are extinct! Arcade games these days are super chun and FUN! LOL!).....lunch and jalan-jalan kat Carrefour.

Stopped by a stall promoting health products on how to lose weight....we got interested and since all we have now is time (and not money)....we decided to entertain them (not that any of us was fat, least not me! Hehehe.....).... Got myself measured for body fat content and actual body age and results weren't that good after all! GASP!

I have a total subcutaneous fat of 21.7%; visceral fat of 6; and my body age was 32 years old! Holy shit! Ideal range for subcutaneous fat is less than 19.0%; 1-4 for visceral fat and of course, the younger body age the better!!! NooOOOoOooOoooooOOOooooo............................................!!!!

I guess I got to start changing my lifestyle and diet from now on! Not to mention exercise more! Or money to join them in their programme.... looks real promising lots of successful testimonials from their customers! *Looks at pictures of guys with 6-pack abs* *Looks at self tummy*'s tempting though. :P

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confer city status to Seremban

Today's The Star Metro excerpt! Totally agree with this!! :) Seremban should attain city status BUT minus the traffic jam PLEASE! LOL!
SEREMBAN should be accorded city status soonest so that it could attract more people to relocate here, said State Opposition head Anthony Loke (DAP-Lobak).
This will also allow the people to have better access to services and to live in a more conducive environment.
Loke said that although Seremban was part of the Klang Valley, it lagged far behind in comparison with Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and other towns.
He said the “Work in KL, live in Seremban” concept would remain a slogan if no effort is taken to turn Seremban into a city.
“What we are lacking is a strategy to achieve this. Has the state government carried out a study on the number of people who work in KL and live in Seremban?,” he asked.
He said this when debating the motion of thanks on the royal address during the state assembly sitting yesterday.
Loke said the state government should also ask the federal authorities to review the “bullet train” project linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
He said if the project was implemented, it would take only 20 minutes to get from the federal capital to Seremban.
“Previously, there was a proposal from the private sector to have this service. If this is implemented, I am sure more people will relocate to Seremban as it would take a much shorter time to travel between both points,” he said.
Loke said the state authorities, in collaboration with the private sector, should also hold property exhibitions in the federal capital so that more people would know what types of properties were available here.
“This should not be left to the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association alone. We must be able to offer them modern homes with contemporary designs, security features and green living concepts to attract them to move here,” he said.

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