Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion wants!!!

I've been surfing online for men's fashion and am hooked on beautiful, really cool looking and according to fashionistas, these are must haves for a decent men's wardrobe. Of course.....these doesn't come in cheap! Sigh...........looks like I need to ikat perut and save up much much more money in order to get these.... :'(

1. A customised blazer

2. Cardigan

3. Vest

4. Leather jacket

5. Skinny ties

6. Boots

7. New pair of shoes I've got so much more needs! Looks like finally becoming a man is not easy! Fashion wise that is! ;P


Nisshant~ said...

true...tho i have to say, the cardigan and the vest is simply wonderful!

Unknown said...

LOL! And a good investment too.....people may think it is not practical to wear such in Malaysia due to the hot weather.....but then again, I'm in a professional course, these clothes are part of my daily weaar! :)

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