Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time to work hard(er)

It's the time of the, in this case.......the semester, again..... The time which most, if not all, students hate most: EXAMINATION!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got like less than a month to go... the be exact.....3 more weeks before my 1st semester exam! @_@ *the horror*

Studying has been slow nowadays.....don't know why....I've got too much facts to memorise this time....but anyway, I'm not going to let that hinder my progress! So what if there's hundred types of drugs, their mechanism of actions, adverse effects and properties in Pharmacology to remember?! Big deal if there's almost 50 types of microorganisms and their characteristics together with the diseases they caused to know in Medical Microbiology.... And why panic with umpteen diseases, their etiology and effects, and features to study in Pathology?? If it's part of your academic course, then there's DEFINITELY a way to finish studying everything! I am no super human but I'm just going to do my very best for the coming exam! Aim for ALL A's William!!!! You can do it!

Facebook has been a bane this time around....I'm not addicted to it....well, not yet.... just a lil', you know..... "can't-stop-thinking-of-it-when-there's-free-time" and "just-wanna-log-in-for-awhile-but-ended-up-an-hour" kind of situations most of the time..., I guess I'll have to keep my laptop away and limit myself on entertainment from now on.....

*Speaks to self* "It's for the better William.....It's for the better....."

So, wish me luck guys!! And same to those who are having exams soon too! We can do it together! Semua "A" dalam tangan ok!!! XD

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Battle of Wits begin!

Yesterday we were called by the Dean of Dentistry to attend a briefing. All students, from 1st years to postgraduates are compulsary to attend. It seems that anytime this month, University Malaya (UM) will be auditted by a number of panels. One of them is SIRIM and the other, a most sought after by us which enables us to accredit our own courses and all things academic. It was a big hoo-hah by the Dean of course.....pleading us not to jeopardise this chance as UM is dying to get an international recognition. He also said that the Malaysian government allocated a time frame for us to be in the top 200 universities and had only 2 years remaining to acheive it. And today when I was reading the news online....guess what??? Universiti Malaya is at No. 180 in Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings 2009!!! He mus be damn happy now! XD

Still......we are no where near NUS......sigh......... :(

Below is the link from The Star, enjoy! :)
Universiti Malaya climbs 50 spots to No. 180 in THE-QS rankings

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