Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project-Kappa (κ): Intro

Now, are you sick of friends or coursemates from other states complaining on how sucky and dead Seremban town is?? There are no entertainment, no attractions, no food to eat, bla bla bla.... I may agree that Seremban isn't much of an entertainment hub like Kuala Lumpur or Penang. But to say that we don't have any good food here is nonsical AND unacceptable!!! Seremban is like a hidden jewel in Malaysia for food. Yes, it may not be as commercialised or busy as its counterparts, but being a peaceful and slow-paced town is what make us, Serembanies, love Seremban as it is!! This is where talented and successful people are from.....WE are the examples and WE were born AND raised in Seremban!

So, guys....are you feeling all patriotic for our little town of Seremban now?? Yes? Ok...that's great! And so I came up with something which I'll like to share with all of ya.......a lil' voluntary project, called Project-Kappa. Kappa, κ, as in the Greek alphabet....? Oh, you know.... Alpha, α; Beta, β; Gamma, γ; Delta, δ; Epsilon, ε; Theta, θ; Lambda, λ; Mu, μ; Pi, π; Omega, ω; and Psi, ψ. You've probably heard it during your science studies in secondary school! what the heck is Project-Kappa???

Well, I've been thinking.....since people don't know much about food in Seremban......we'll MAKE them known to others! Cause deep down, I know there are great food out there in and around our beloved town. For instance, Ming Kok Restaurant sells the best Egg Tarts ever; while Sam Kok Tei (Triangle Square) has the smoothest Tau Foo Fa; and Tops Curry House serves the best banana leave rice with their infamous Varuval Chicken! Project-Kappa will cover all types of food, be it Chinese, Indian, Malay, Western, Japanese, Korean, just whatever.........The rule is, it must be around Seremban extending over to Senawang, Port Dickson and Jelebu. Just restrict it to Negeri Sembilan and if possible prioritise Seremban first.

Of course, every post of Project-Kappa will include pictures of the food, address, and pictures of the location for easy access to you guys. It will be great if anyone of you bloggers out there from Seremban, who would like to join me in this project.....We'll go makan together, snap pictures together and give comments together! Or at least, give me some recommendations....I'll go try it out and will post it here!

Why of all Greek alphabets, I chose Kappa? Well.....simply of the fact, Kappa is not an alphabet that is widely used. I came to this term only today when I was reading one of my medical books, Basic Pathology. Haha.....but I think Kappa suits this project because, like Seremban, it is not well known....but nonetheless, it plays a significant role in the medical and physics terminology, just like Seremban producing gifted people like us and being a satellite town of KL and Selangor. Kappa and Seremban has so much in common, don't you think? XD

So, guys.....tell me what you think of this??? Will it work?? Will you support me?? Will you come along with me?? Of course, we'll do this during the holidays.... Tell me, what better way to enjoy your holiday, if not with delicious food? Huh? I know you want to...... *grins*


Nisshant~ said...

count me in....

Liz said...

Ahhaa. I think that's pretty cool !! I'll support you ! But I dunno if I can go out juat to makan ahaha XD

Anonymous said...

count me in

~$z@nN3~ said...

COOL!!! aye~~

haha...well, u gotto bring me around seremban next time..!! the food looks goood!!!!

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