Friday, February 26, 2010

Annual dinner dilemma

(Most, if not all) Students have 2 major dilemmas in their academic years, or so to say. First, the constant pressure in getting good grades; and second, to look great in annual dinners or proms! OK.....since the former is a constant, pain-in-the-ass kind of situation with no guaranteed ways to overcome....let's talk about the latter, which is the kind of problem I am facing now!!!

Dental Night Dinner is in 3 weeks time and a week from now, comes my annual residential college's dinner called Malam Penganugerahan ASTAR! The thing is.....I HAVEN'T GET ANYTHING TO WEAR YET!!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And exorbitant pricing for men's wear isn't helping at all! Not to mention limited choices......this is the time where most (fashionable) men will hate and start asking why is men's fashion soooooooooooooooo unfair??? Sedangkan our counterparts have TONNES of choices and some are priced CHEAPER THAN OUR TIES!!!!!!! Damn it!!

And to top it off, gaining weight during CNY makes matter worse! Sigh......I think I've got to work out more in order to look my best during those dinners.....Not to mention, I'll be on stage performing for one of them... I HAVE to look good!!! *stress* Call me me dandy......cause the fact is...... I AM! ;P

Friday, February 19, 2010

Project-κ 15: Thosai @ Lingam's Curry House

Many people, Indians aside, especially Chinese, doesn't like thosai very much due to the sourish taste. But that's because they do not know what to order! Being a Malaysian, with abundant of Indian food around, thosai can be considered as one of my favourite breakfast. And in Seremban, we have just the place to get very good thosai! Located at Jalan Yam Tuan, very near to the Perodua showroom in town, Lingam's Curry House serves one of the best thosai in Seremban! An Indian friend told me of this place once when I was still in secondary school but never got to try it until this year. And you bet, once I've been there, I am totally hooked on it and make it a must-eat-place everytime I come back to Seremban and in time for breakfast! Lol!

I couldn't stand the hunger made by the delicious aroma emitted from the thosai's being prepared, so decided to get a few of vadai and munch on it first. =P
These vadai's are not bad, and if you get it freshly made, you'll be enjoying it hot and crunchy especially with some chutney dip!

One of the food I ordered - Thosai Rawa. Thin, crunchy and absolutely delicious! There were generous amount of onions, red and green condiments (peppers I think) in it! Eaten either with the spicy or white chutney is simply great! I totally recommend this to those of you who doesn't like thosai due to the sourish taste. Believe me, this is not at all sour! You'll like it.....guaranteed! RM1.20 per piece.

Another wonderful thosai - Thosai Ghee. Thin and crunchy just like thosai rawa, but minus the onions and pepper and with a distinct ghee (butter) smell and taste! This is a MUST order if you don't mind the calories (it is butter after all)! But mind you, this thosai isn't at all oily! I simply love this but I have to keep the fat in mind everytime I eat it! Haha.....but guilt aside, this is one heck of a thosai! A piece of this is priced at RM1.50.

There are of course many other food available like nasi lemak, the different kinds of roti's, more types of thosai's and rice in the afternoon. Though I didn't manage to try all of them, I'll definitely make a second, third and most probably more visit here again! XD

Below is the menu board

The restaurant signage from the side

The restaurant from the front

Monday, February 15, 2010

Captured Moments of Scotland: Album 3

Guys, this will be the last album of Captured Moments of Scotland. Shown here is the city of Aberdeen and town of Stonehaven. Aberdeen was were I stayed during the bout-5-months-stay and Stonehaven was the last place I visited before flying back to Malaysia. Enjoy! :)

It was Veteran's Day in Aberdeen!

Men / boys in kilts! ^^,

The peaceful lil' town of Stonehaven - it's a fishing village, which explains all these yatches and boats.

A medieval-looking-thingy at the top of a hill in Stonehaven, which reminds me of Merlin! Hahahaha.....

Castles are EVERYWHERE in Scotland.....including here, in Stonehaven.

Beautiful isn't it? This is one of my favourite picture for this album. Those white spots are seagulls! Whole lots of them.

A picture with my caretaker, my cousin - Chelsea

Scottish National flower

These are NOT closed-up photos.....these ARE the actual size of the flowers there. Bloody humongous!

Final picture in one of the restaurant I worked in - Ban Thai Restaurant. Seen here is my cousin's boyfriend, Dennis; and my colleague at another workplace (Greggs Bakery), Margaritta. She's a really nice lady - miss her! :) And I leave for home the following morning with tears and a heavy heart....... *sob*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hero of the Century!

Hey guys! Check this out! Our latest hero! Hehehehe......enjoy~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Captured Moments of Scotland: Album 2

This album shows one of the most beautiful city of Scotland: Inverness - the perfect place for retirement where fresh air, green sceneries and chill weather are in abundant! I am in love with Inverness the moment I stepped into the city..... <3

The infamous Loch Ness!

Ruins of a castle along Loch Ness

Photo with the cruise guide AFTER the cruise of course! Haha....a very animated man! The photo shows of the Loch Ness monster sighting....if you believe it lah~

The Loch Ness 3D Museum

Inverness Battlefield of Culloden and Museum - one of the most interactive museum I've ever been to!

Castle of Inverness - believe it or not, this is the city's council now!

Inverness river with a park

20 km walk to Inverfarigaig! I can't believe it either! Haha.....but the tiredness are well worth due to these beautiful sceneries. No wonder people always say, 'the grass is greener on the other side'. LOL!

Aeriel view of the I wish I have a home here overlooking this spectacular view!

Another 5 km walk to the Foyers!

In total I've walked almost 30km! Phew.....never been fitter in my entire life! the end of the day, you bet it, my legs were DAMN sore! XD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bored of Studying + Camera + Staying on the Most Top Floor

I know I should be studying now but I couldn't help being bored in my hostel room........My roommate wasn't around........and he left his camera here........And so, with the combination of all these, (and Photoshop too!) you get this:

~View from my room, C405~

Beautiful isn't it? Haha....hope you can't see the not-so-perfect-Photoshop-editting. :P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seremban's FIRST Carrefour!

Another interesting news in today's Star Metro! Our very own Carrefour chain! Haha...Anyone know where exactly in Rahang is it situated?? Haven't been back to Seremban for quite awhile....need some updates. =P
But what attracted my attention more wasn't Carrefour but our MB saying that there'll be a Komuter station nearby that area!!! is that huge tunnel like thingy and humongous flyover near Seremban Garden meant to be a Komuter track? We'll have to wait and see! =)

Chain Carrefour opens first outlet in Negeri Sembilan

THE opening of French hypermarket chain Carrefour’s first outlet in Negri Sembilan in Rahang recently had customers lining up outside its doors from as early as 8am.

The early birds, however, were rewarded as they were treated to refreshments and also received goodie bags courtesy of the hypermarket chain.

The outlet, the chain’s 21st store in the country, was opened by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan who marked the event by planting a tree near the store’s main entrance.

“I believe Carrefour has made the right choice in investing here.

“This is the ideal location for their first store here as it is easily accessible to consumers with the inner ring road and, in future, a Komuter station will also be located nearby.

“The presence of hypermarkets like Carrefour are welcome in the state as they make it possible for consumers to buy a wide range of household goods at affordable prices in addition to providing jobs for locals,” he said.

He added that the store’s location on the outskirts of town meant it would not adversely affect the business of small traders operating in town.

Mohamad hoped that the hypermarket chain would support local entrepreneurs by also providing shelf space for homegrown products.

He, however, stressed that local business operators who were interested in marketing their products to Carrefour had to ensure their products were of good quality and met the store’s stringent standards.

“Carrefour is among the most successful hypermarket chains in the world. To be on Carrefour’s list of suppliers and satisfy customer needs will be a great achievement as it would mean success for the small business entrepreneur,” he said.

Located just 10 minutes away from the town centre, the latest Carrefour outlet occupies 4,077 sq metres with more than 60,000 products in its store.

The outlet stocks household goods ranging from groceries to electrical appliances, clothes, stationery and other necessities.

Carrefour Malaysia-Singapore chief executive officer Guillaume de Colonges said he was confident the store would be able to meet the expectations of local consumers.

“After almost two decades in Malaysia, it is our aim to satisfy our customers’ needs and demands which are becoming more sophisticated.

“We go to great lengths to continuously upgrade our services and offer the best discounts and attractive promotions to our customers,” he said, adding that Carrefour was committed to providing consumers a pleasurable shopping experience in a conducive environment.

As one of the major retailers in the country, de Colonges said Carrefour was proud that more than 95% of the company’s goods were locally produced.

“We encourage local entrepreneurs to come up with their own products and will be happy to support their business if the products meet our standards and are in demand by consumers. It has to be a win-win situation.

“Some of the local products, especially in the halal product sector, can even be exported to our other stores as we have a global presence. We will definitely look at exporting it if the product is of good quality,” he said.

Also present at the opening were Carrefour Malaysia chairman Datuk Abdul Aziz Samsuddin and Carrefour Malaysia-Singapore marketing and communications director Low Ngai Yuen.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project-κ 14: Prawn Noodles @ Sam Kok Tei

Another must-try when you go to Sam Kok Tei (triangle square) at Jalan Yam Tuan in the evening, is the prawn noodle sold near the main junction, right opposite Domino's pizza and almost next to the silky, smooth Tau Foo Fa at the bus stop.

Sold at RM 4.00 per bowl, this, I swear, is probably the best prawn noodle in......*let's be modest*.....Seremban, will do. LOL! Famous blogger VKeong recommended his best prawn noodle in the Klang valley but I would say, our local prawn noodle beats his F-L-A-T!!!

One can choose from the different types of noodles available and each is served with fishballs, fu chok, kangkung, beansprouts and of course, the superb, spicy-sweet, lip-smacking, big-sized prawns!

The prawns are worth your every penny and highly recommended by me! Try it! It is so good that I ate the whole thing including its head AND shell! LOL! Also, do sample their homemade chilli paste for the ultimate taste of the noodle. I scooped spoonful after spoonful of it onto every bite of my noodles. It's soooooooooooo good! Yes, it's spicy, but there's a hint of sweetness in it too. I think it's the same marinate that they use for their fabulous prawns.

The stall is managed by an old couple. They told me that they had been in this business for more than 30 years already! Due to their old age, they confessed that they can't cope with too many customers at once. So, please be patient if you were to wait long after ordering. Haha....

Closed on every Wednesday and Thursday
Opens at 6pm - finish (usually 11pm)
Note: Also closed for the whole stretch of Chinese New Year (15 days)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life's like that

Why????? WHy???????? WHY?????????????????
Why must all the good stuff happens on the time I wanna sit for an examination????? When I am bored to death and spending my free time calculating the rate of rotation of my room's ceiling fan from speed 1 to 5, there are NONE such interesting events ever occuring!!!

Damn it lah.....I still haven't watch Avatar and what makes it worse is that I think it will soon be out of the cinema listing! And then there's a blood donation campaign that I really wanna go............ Today i saw a poster about an annual musical event by University Malaya Buddhist Association (PBUM) called Malam Irama Bodhi that I sooooooooooooooo wanted to watch.....................BUT I CAN'T!!! Cause on monday is my bloody exam! And it'll stretch down till Friday! God damn it! Why is life so unfair?????????? SIGH~~~ *cries* :'(

Monday, February 1, 2010

1Malaysia clinics

Came across this article from TheStar today. Thought of sharing it. Big kudos to the Negri Sembilan govenrment in setting up these! One of these clinics can be found in Taman Rasah Jaya at the new shoplots just before the Petronas station.

New 1Malaysia clinics a boon for the poor in Negri
THE opening of 50 1Malaysia clinics nationwide reflects the government’s commitment to provide affordable medical treatment to the people, particularly the poor.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said with the opening up of such clinics, the sick would not have to travel long distances to hospitals or government clinics to seek outpatient treatment.

“You will only have to pay RM1 for quality treatment and medication at these clinics. I am sure more sick people will frequent these clinics as they can save time and expenses,” he said.

Mohamad was speaking at the opening of the 1Malaysia clinic in Taman Semarak, Nilai. Two other such clinics have been opened in the state in Taman Seremban Jaya and Taman Rasah Jaya.

Mohamad said the people should not doubt the quality of treatment at these clinics as it was as good as services at government hospitals and clinics.

“The medical staff stationed here have the expertise and knowledge to handle out-patients. This is one of the many ways the government is trying to help those in the lower income bracket,” he said.

He said with more people seeking treatment here, the number of outpatients at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital (TJH) was also likely to drop.

“I have been made to understand that TJH gets a high number of outpatients and the opening of the 1Malaysia clinics will help reduce the number,” he said

Mohamad also dismissed claims that the opening of such clinics would have adverse effects on private medical practitioners.

“The 1Malaysia clinics were opened to reduce the financial burden of the poor. It never occurred to us to put sand in the rice bowl of those who had been practising in the said areas,” he said.

Also present at the opening were state health, science and technology and innovation committee chairman Datuk Ismail Taib and state health director Datin Dr Zailan Adnan.

When met, housewife Zainah Ibrahim, 38, was grateful that the 1Malaysia clinic had been opened in Taman Semarak.

“There were times when I had to take my young children all the way to Seremban or Mantin. This is such a relief,” she said, adding that she could also save on her travelling expenses.

Factory operator G. Tanusha, 27, said many people would benefit from the opening of the clinic.

“There are so many housing estates here and not many private clinics. It is also a blessing for people like me as I won’t burn a hole in my pocket if I need to bring my parents here for treatment,” she added.

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