Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Braced myself for braces

At 10.00pm yesterday, I received a call from a postgraduate Orthodontic student, Dr. Suryati, asking me to come for my first orthodontic treatment today! The call was so sudden that I was totally NOT prepared for it! Both mentally and financially! Though it only costs RM750 for the whole treatment (cause I'm a dental student and we get special discounts as well as to cut queue! =P), considering it's only a few weeks past CNY, my parents mana ada anymore allocation for my beauty treatment???

But she told me I can pay in installment....."for how long also can and pay how much everytime you come, also can". My treatment will be for a year and a half. I didn't really wanted to go for it at first....but I thought to myself.....if not now, when??? My main concerns wasn't aesthetics.....cause my upper teeth is fine, almost perfect allignment! I dare say I have a beautiful smile! My problem lies on my lower's crowded and's difficult for me to keep them clean and inaccessibility to my interproximal area of my teeth will cause caries in the future! So, I can say that the main reason I opt for this is for a better oral hygiene....
Future dentist mah.......must have perfect set of teeth! Or so to say........

Dr. Suryati placed brackets on my teeth today - from 2nd premolar to 2nd premolar....both upper and lower jaw. How is it? Pardon me if I'm being too honest......but I F*#KING HATE it!!! It makes my lips look swollen.....and there's this constant, lingering uneasiness feeling like something-got-stuck-in-between-and-on-my-teeth-but-can't-do-anything-cause-if-I-do-the-whole-bloody-brackets-and-wire-will-drop-off! And I can't chew my food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She put 2 restorations on both my lower molar to raise my occlusion, so that I won't bite on my brackets! And I F*#KING HATE that feeling!!!!! I can't chew....which will lead to can't eat well and much.......which leads to won't feel full......which leads to a grumpy and unhappy me!!!!!!

*sob* I really feel like I wanna cry now.........I do regret doing this.......Just wish I had said NO and live with my original set of least I will be happy and enjoying life as the old William does....... :'(


WeiWei said...

but then tis is a gud way to diet appetite for food~

Unknown said...

Hmm....a very torturous diet I would say! T_T

wan ying^^ said...

lolz...dun feel sad liao lar~should think positively mah, u can grab this opportunity to keep fit(as u cant eat much dy)....hehe~1 and a half will past very fast de lar after u have get used to it...^^

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