Thursday, March 25, 2010

My orthodontic care companions...:)

Ever since I had put on braces, I brush my teeth 5 times a day (out of bed once, after every meal another time and before bed too) and have been taking care of my teeth extra vigilantly by using these care set! Which of course.......costs me more money to buy them! T_T

My beloved care set includes: Colgate Ortho toothbrush; Colgate Phos Flur Anti-cavity Flouride Rinse; and an interdental brush! ^^,

I wonder how long can I keep this up.....brushing and rinsing so many times each day.....Oh well.....wish me luck! ;)

2 comments: said...

Good luck then!

Tara Kim said...

I gave up 3 months after wearing braces.. Doing the brushing and rinsing everytime after eat can be REALLY tiring lorr..
Good luck anyway :)

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