Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project-κ On Hold......:(

Darn! After putting on braces, I can barely chew properly! So, how can I enjoy my food now? Let alone taste them! Sigh.....looks like Project-κ gotta be put on hold guys.....*sob* I really REALLY miss eating like the good old days....... Just hope everything will be sorted out soon......I do literally mean my teeth! LOL!

*thinks of all the good food*
*stomach growls*


Liz said...

Braces eh? Never realized you needed them ponn. You nie really ai mei arr !!! XD Nway, I've been there bro. I know what it's like. It's crazy tough. But just as a word of encouragement: It'll get better. That I can promise you. It'll be worth it :)


Alan Khoo said...

Oh mi god! I'm your big fan of Project K wei. hahaha.. maybe you can come up with Project K-the metal mouth edition. :P

Unknown said...

LOL!!! Very funny Alan~~~ But not too worry....I still can enjoy food once my teeth aren't aching anymore! ;)

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