Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project-κ 2: Tau Foo Fa @ Sam Kok Tei

Tau Foo Fa!!! My favourite dessert!!! And where to go for a G-R-E-A-T bowl of Tau Foo Fa when you are in Seremban??? Just head to Sam Kok Tei (Triangle Square) in Jalan Yam Tuan for one of the best Tau Foo Fa in town.

Ok....the Tau Foo Fa in my photo looks like any other ordinary Tau Foo Fa found anywhere....but believe me, this is one of the smoothest and silkiest Tau Foo Fa that you had ever tasted!! And did I mentioned it is so smooth that it just glides on your tongue, into your throat and straight down to your stomach?! It's so soft that when I accidentally dropped a little on the table, it goes splat like raindrops! LOL! For only RM 1.20 a bowl, this is one dessert that you must NOT miss!

It is sold by an old couple. Their stall is right next to a bus stop along Jalan Yam Tuan. Right opposite Domino's Pizza. Besides Tau Foo Fa, they also sell Soya bean, herbal tea, Cincau and longan drink. If you pack your Tau Foo Fa, it'll be more expensive though. RM 1.30 per packet. Maybe they charge extra for the plastic container and spoon they provide... LOL!

Just look out for this humble stall and that little piece of yellow banner saying "Ben Curd"...yeah I know...Maybe the auntie and uncle didn't realise the mistake and should be written as Beancurd.....but oh well, what the heck!

This stall opens everyday except Monday and Tuesday; from 6pm till late. Occasionally, they will shift location and will not always be at the bus stop. The uncle told me he'll set up his stall near the car park sometimes but usually he'll be in his favourite spot.

PS: There's another stall selling Prawn Noodles in Sam Kok Tei which I find it to be quite tasty. Too bad it's not open yesterday. Hmm....Oh well, maybe next time. ;)

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aqlim said...

long time never drop by yr blog and u have updated alot.:D about yr recent conditiona and some nice food!

i take tau fu fa every week when my mom bought it back from pasar mlm.was kind of imumne to what tau fu fa really taste..

u describe that the stall offers "smoothest and silkiest" tau fu fa.
and is yr fav dessert, haha.

Unknown said...

I'm starting to blog bout food!!! Though it's only from Seremban lah. Haha....KL and Selangor food had had too many famous food bloggers blogging bout them already.
Tau foo fa is GOOD!!! And GREAT Tau foo fa is even BETTER!!! Hehe...

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