Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taming the Lion (City)

This week was GREAT fun! Actually it was more than that, it was AWESOME! Went down south to Singapore for 3 days for an annual dental students interaction event called MU-NUS! This is actually a friendly games between Malaya University and National University of Singapore. But then again, the games don't matter, it's the holiday in Singapore that is! Haha...... It was also my second time participating in this event.

Singapore has many great attraction sites. Because I've been there before in year 2009 (read here), this year, I opt to go to different places, other than those I've been to last 2 years. This actually gave the Singaporeans a hard time as there are basically 2 groups: fresh, new comers who never visited Singapore before; and me with a few others, old timers. So, throughout the 3 days, our trips were separated into groups that brought us around to our customized trips!

It was very enjoyable. I covered new places like the Marina Bay Sands casino, Marina Barrage, Geylang, Vivo City Mall, Eco trails and Clarke Quay. It's boring difficult to tell all the awesomeness in words. Let the pictures do the talking shall we? :D

All these may not be possible if not for the ever so friendly and fun NUS dental friends of mine! There are really cool people! They have again gave me a wonderful experience at Singapore! Thanks guys! You all are the best! :D


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