Saturday, June 4, 2011

Animals in my mouth


*drum rolls*

*spotlights twirling*

*dum dum.... chaaaaaannnngggggggg*

The animals that stayed in my mouth!!!

First, it was Miss Fox. But she was too loose. She stayed for 1.5 months.

Then came Mr Kangaroo. Sadly, he was too tight. He left after a month.

Finally, Mr Bear! He was just nice. Actually I prefer Mr Kangaroo cause my teeth will achieve the desire results faster, but I've been warned of permanent root resorption by my orthodontist! >.<
Oh, Mr Bear was only needed for 1.5 months too! :)

In case you are wondering what the hell was I saying above. And what the heck are those animals doing there. Well, those are elastic bands that help retract my front teeth to an ideal 2mm gap (technical term called overjet) when measured with teeth clenched together from lower incisors to upper incisors.

Now, the real dilemma of this post is........... what do I do with them, the happy family? I don't wanna throw them away cause it's still a full pack of them remaining! Can I return them? Hmmm...... Anybody wants them?

Oh... and I've got these left too...

They are called interdental brushes! It's to clean those gaps in between your teeth! Very useful to clean in and around your braces! It's RM2.20 per piece. I've got 5 left. That's RM11 worth! Wonder if I can sell it back to my faculty? Hehehe.....

Can someone tell me what I can do with these things??? Any takers? :P

PS: Don't worry bout cleanliness. I am a clean freak myself! :D


Unknown said...

U can sell the interdental brushes to patients having severe periodontitis/ spacings.
I used to elastic bands to tie my stuffs :P

Unknown said...

Buddy! This blog post was meant for you to read! LOL!!!
Ok! I will wait till I get an advance perio patient next semester! Use the elastic bands to tie stuff?? Is that possible?? :-O

Unknown said...

=.=" okay i once had a road-runner in my mouth :P
Err... I've OCD, so i cannot tahan the wires (e.g. chargers) dangling here and there... so i tie them up. By using the elastic bands, i dun hv to twist so many times :P

Unknown said...

Haha! OK... will consider your tips! LOL! XD

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