Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1st performance as an i.gemer!

Last Sunday, I went on stage to perform for the very 1st time as a member of the i.gemz at the 2011 Selangor State Wesak Celebration! It was kinda nerve wreaking and I don't know why! I mean.... stage performance was not something I am new to. Maybe it was the expectation of the fellow Buddhist audience on i.gemz freshies on how good are they in singing? I mean.... naturally people would like to know what's in us that makes the cut! What made us got in to the group of the leading English singing Buddhist group! So, maybe that's why I felt kinda nervous when performing that day. Whatever it is, it's done! I am happy for the experience. I can't comment much because I was positioned as the side, so the microphone monitor was unheard of. Hence, I can't hear my own voice! So I don't know how I sang. >.<
However, here's a video recorded by one of our member's wife. Enjoy! :D

To end the post, here's a picture of the i.gemers that perform that day!

PS: Next i.gemz performance will be this Saturday, 11th of June 2011 at 1.30pm at the Wesak International Film Festival. Venue: Malaysia Tourism Center, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Catch me there if you are free! I will be singing a song solo! ;)


Liz said...

Sounds really AWESOME ! Congrats on a good show !!! :D

And all the best for this weekend's :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Lizzy!!! :D

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