Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last Saturday during Wesak International Film Festival at Malaysian Tourism Centre, Kuala Lumpur, I had had my first solo performance with the i.gemz! I belted out my "signature dish" (so said Brother Nee Sern. LOL!) song which is My Beautiful Friend with a twist! I hyped it up by increasing the tempo. Hehe...

i.gemz did 6 songs that day and mine was second in line. When it was my turn, I was so nervous! After the first verse, I was totally BLANK! I forgotten all the lyrics! My brain just can't think! And I started mumbling..... I was like SHIT! And stopped............

*Bro Nee Sern's guitar kept playing*

*But I couldn't continue*

"I'm sorry... can we start again? It's my first time and I'm so nervous" I said and jumped a bit to shake off the nervousness. At that moment, I was SOOOOOO tempted to go backstage and get the lyrics out! Luckily the audience was forgiving and I saw my friends giving me support from afar....

*Bro Nee Sern replay the music on his guitar*

I sang the first verse again.... came the second and........

I managed to calm down and continue singing till the end. I wouldn't say it was perfect. There were a few wrong lyrics and a moment of pitching but luckily the whole song was delivered that day! Haha..... All the while I was focusing on my friends and that managed to calm me down a bit! LOL!

It WAS embarassing! Definitely! But it was also an experience not to forget! From today onwards, I will MAKE sure I will memorise the lyrics inside out before any performances! I guess I took things for granted. :P But yes...... I learn my lesson! Haha..... I did received compliments however. So it some sort of compensated. :P

I sooooooo wanna watch my performance! But too bad, no one took a video of it. :( If not, it would be something to be cherished for good. Oh well! :D

PS: Pictures were also rare. But here are a few:


Liz said...

Ahaha, awesome !!! Not easy to sing on stage, what more live ! But now you can say you've DONE IT !!!! Good job :DDDDD

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