Saturday, June 20, 2009

NUS-MU Games cum Singapore Trip

I just came back from Singapore 2 days ago. Went there for a intervarsity games between NUS and MU dental students. This time, it was organized by NUS themselves. A 3 days, 2 nights event; with great accommodation, friendly matches, warm hospitality and lovely new friends! It was truly a trip to remember. My only complaint? The weather in Singapore is FREAKING HOT!!! It's even hotter than Malaysia!

8 hours ride in this Lower Bed Bunk of Kelas Superior Malam of KTM from Seremban to Singapore. RM39 one-way ticket.

Prince George's Park Residence (PGPR for short), is where we stayed. No matter how the NUS students try to convince us that this is one of their not-so-good hostels, we still think this place is awesome! Single rooms, hot shower, electronic door...what else can we ask somemore?? The more expensive ones even have en-suite toilets AND air-cond!!! My only wish is that MU's hostel can be built this way. PGPR is like a resort for students!

First stop: NUS Faculty of Dentistry of course! And may I say....this place is much more modern than MU's. Sigh....another thing to hope for....

Next stop: World's Biggest Ferris Wheel - Singapore Flyer!! It's 10 times bigger than Eye on Malaysia and of course, 10 times more worth it too. :P

Then it was Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth. Oh, before that was Orchard Road but I said I don't want to shop so insist on going to Suntec. Posing here with me is my hunky facilitator, David Lim. Damn! Singapore guys are all so fit and hunky which makes us, Malaysian feel so small.....Not to mention, they are tall too..... :/

Welcome dinner at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesian Restaurant. And later, a walk in beautiful Singapore night scene.

Day 2: Hunky NUS guys and hot NUS girls in action. The 3rd and 4th picture shows the best looking Dental guy and girl of NUS. *Do I hear screams from the girls? And guys....stop drooling!* Haha!!!

And here, doing what I do the SUPPORTERS!!!!! Haha...and have I told you that Singapore weather is FREAKING HOT!!!??

Afternoon: Fun at Sentosa Island!

Also in Sentosa Island, we went to the Wax Museum in Images of Singapore. Seen here is a very rare posing of me. I've decided to do a little bit of acting according to situations. The 1st one was walking on burning, hot coal. Hence, the painful expression. 2nd, was to carry a heavy trishaw. Thus, the lifting-heavy-object face. Last one......My butt is quite big eh? LOL!!!!!
PS: My friends agreed to act with me. But alas! They end up with the boring, standard smile. *YAWN*

Trip to Sentosa ended off with a show entitled "Songs of the Sea". It was a brilliant showcase and use of water and laser! Truly a great entertainment. Highlight of the day!

Last day: Prize giving ceremony. It was a draw between NUS and MU. But the highlight was photo sessions, of course, with my group members and facilitators!!!! Introduced earlier was hunky David Lim. Now another facilitator, sexy Jacqueline Ong. And yes.........we are doing a kiss-kiss pose. XD

Just to top off the Singapore experience, we drank Newater! Made in Singapore; By Singaporean, For Singaporean and even FROM Singaporean!! Ewe.......anyway, there was neither shit/urine smell nor taste. Just chemically strong, clear water. I still prefer Malaysian water though. Haha!!!

All in all, this was a superb trip! Truly memorable indeed. Made quite a few friends. And will be looking forward for next year's one. Perfect time for Malaysian and Singaporean Dental students to bond.


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