Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the braces-no-more!

Last Monday, 30th May 2011, marked a historic moment (in my life calendar)! wasn't that important anyway. But here goes.......................................................I TOOK OFF MY BRACES!!! Gigi aku dipagar no more!!!! LOL!!! :D :D :D

I wore that dreaded thing for 14 months and it's finally been taken off! You do NOT know how bad I want that thing off! Not only do I need to brush after every meals. my teeth tend to stain more often too! Luckily I have access to the dental chair almost every day and have a partner who is practicing to be a dentist too. She helps me scale my teeth whenever the need arises. Of course, provided I can curi a few minutes of spare time lah. Hahaha!!!

Even though my braces are off now, I can't help but to continue brushing my teeth after every meal before putting on the retainers! Sememangnya a dentist kan? LOL! The first 2 days of wearing the retainers were HELL! Oh, and I need to wear them for 24 hours a day except when eating. I almost cried!!! Literally cried because the pain was so bad! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably read posts on how I hated and regretted putting on braces! Both during and after treatment! Call me ungrateful. But my advice to others who wanna do this, PLEASE think twice! IF you are happy with your current teeth alignment (which is mild and not too bad), FORGET about braces! Why the pain and extra expenses?! It's not cheap ya know! Having it done in a private clinic can easily cost you RM5000 - RM7000! I'm different case lah..... I am a dental student, so I only need to pay a fraction of the amount which is RM750. Still............ if the need is not there, it is therefore NOT NECESSARY! Yes, my teeth are straight now. Yes, I have a more beautiful smile now. But do you know there is a LOT of complications of an orthodontic treatment (alignment of teeth, for layman)??? High chances of caries, that's one. Permanent root resorption, "gummy" smile, yellowish teeth, gum recession are a few others!

Ok..... I shouldn't have said too much or else orthodontists out there will kill me for breaking the "rice bowl". LOL! Like the saying goes, "No pain, no gain!". Or "Beauty comes with a price"! Damn right, I would say!!!

Well, at least the pain is slowly going away now. Thank God! I am just counting the days to get the green light from my orthodontist to stop using my retainers. That's what I do ever since I put braces on, counting the days.................... counting and counting and counting and counting............................. :P

~My Vacuum Formed Retainers (VFR)~

~The after photo (with retainers on)~


Unknown said...

"gummy" smile is not a complication of ortho tx lah ;)
and you've to wear your retainers till you die if u wanna keep that perfect alignment :P

Nisshant~ said...

second the comment above. you have to wear retainers till like forever to maintain your new teeth alignment. btw, welcome to the post-braces club.

buy eyyy, future dentist don't discourage ppl to do ortho. otherwise how you gonna make money?
and yeah well, braces are like nose jobs. Things can go wrong but people do it for vanity. no pain, no gain... =]

Schzanne said...

haha...definitely no pain no gain! Have fun embracing ur new retainers! ;)

Unknown said...

Can you imagine lying in your coffin with retainers on? ROFL!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! XD XD XD

Liz said...

Congrats !!!!!! xD haha

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