Monday, September 21, 2009

Toyota Prius Hybrid

This is so not me..... I had never blogged about cars before. But today I just can't resist it. Besides, cars ARE boy's toys. *grins*

Everyone has their dream car....I remember, my 10 year old cousin, once told me his dream car is a Ferrari....and I thought to myself, does this pea-size boy knows what the heck is a Ferrari?? And it would cost him a fortune to get one?? The embarassing thing is.....he's 10 and he knows more cars than me! Bring him down the highway....and he'll name you all sort of cars, from Nissan Fair Lady to BMW whatever-series.....Beats me! I can't even tell the various models of Honda cars.....they all look the same (to me that is)!!!

Usually, one's dream car is those that will either cost them half a million to a million or 2 Ringgit....But why?? Wouldn't that cost you an arm and a leg to maintain it?? What about the yearly insurance fees?? The more expensive your car is, the more insurance you need to pay....Hmm.... But then again, if they got the wealth to get one of those cars, they would probably have the money to maintain it.....Hmm....good for them then. I, personally, don't bother about how expensive the car will be...... Yes, it might elevate my status....but so what? As if you gonna sleep and live in your just use it to move around, just like any other cars!

I am a sucker for technology....and the car that appeals to me most is hybrid cars from Toyota. Not that I have a choice, I mean, Toyota is the ONLY company that produces hybrids in Malaysia. And if you would have noticed, recently, they have came out with a new model called Toyota 3rd Generation Prius which I think is pretty COOL!!!

Some of its super cool features include:
1. Solar Roof

~When Prius is parked in direct sunlight, available solar panels can power a fan which brings in cooler outside air, cooling the cabin
close to ambient outside temperature. When you are within 30 yards from the car, you can use a Remote Air Conditioning System Control to cool off the interior to preset temperature without starting off the engine!
2. EV/Eco/Power modes

~In the available EV mode, Prius operates silently on the battery alone for up to 1/2 mile. In Eco mode, gas pedal sensitivity is reduced for better fuel economy. In Power mode, the gas pedal becomes more responsive for a richer driving experience. Talk about saving money on petrol AND the environment! Mother Nature will be so proud of me! XD

3. Intelligent Parking Assist
~uses Ultrasonic sensors in front bumper to detect parking space. An image of the parking space appears on the screen with a box indicating the target positon of the vehicle. Once driver approves target position, Prius steers and virtually drives by itself! Only requiring soft braking by the driver to stop the vehicle in the desired parking space. WOW! Ladies and lousy drivers will LOVE this feature!

4. Control panels on the steering wheel
~Driver can adjust temperature, audio mode, volume and trip data. Oh! And have i mentioned that Prius comes with a GPS too?

So! What da'ya think??? Super cool eh?? If you want to know more about this car, go check it out the official Toyota website: There are videos that demo all the features that I mentioned above.
Now I can't wait to earn my own salary and get my hands on a Hybrid. Hopefully by then, there will be more super 'chun' technological advanced cars!! Maybe one that need not run on petrol? XD


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