Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project-κ 1: Top Curry House

Woohoo! On 23/09/09 was officially the launching of my first Project-κ!! Initially this was not on yesterday's to-do list. But because I couldn't get a room for a planned Karaoke session with my friends, I decided to bring them for lunch at one of the best Indian restaurant in town, Top Curry House! This restaurant has been there for decades it seems, and is usually packed to the brim at lunch hours. Serving banana leave rice is what they are famous for.

Seen here is an array of dishes served in the restaurant. They've got all sorts of meat from chicken to fish to mutton. All cooked in different manner: Varuval (dry), Curry, Fried, whatever! Of course, being an Indian restaurant, there won't be any beef.

We ordered banana leave rice for each of us which comes with a bowl of rice (which you can top up at no extra cost), papadams, ladleful of gravy (choose from fish curry, chicken curry, dhal curry and a vegetable gravy), 4 types of vegetables (seen here are pumpkin, beans with four angled beans, beansprout and pineapple with cucumber), rasam (sourish soup) and if you are lucky (usually on Fridays), they'll give you desserts of watermelon or payasam (sweet milk dessert with sago and condiments). They will cook different types of vegetable everyday. I remember they serve good varuval potatoes at one of those days. It depends on your luck really....sometimes you come and you'll see cabbages instead, while on other days they will serve bayam. Oh! And you can take as MUCH vegetable as you want! You can practically pour everything onto you leave wouldn't look nice lah......courtesy mah....Hahaha!!

Each set of banana rice costs RM 3.50. Pretty cheap I'll say. Oh and you can get pickles and dried chillies if only you ask from the waiters. Bare in mind that, they have rooms which are air-conditioned and if you are to dine there, the price of your banana leave rice will cost 50 cents more!

We also ordered 2 plates of mutton. Each plate costs RM 5.00. I personally love their Varuval Chicken, but because due to some request from my co-diners, I ordered mutton instead. While their varuval chicken was highly recommended, their mutton is pretty good too. It's soft enough to be torn apart easily and not so strong with the 'mutton smell' (you know....the smell you get when you eat old, matured goats) and the taste of the curry was perfect! Thick and spicy yet subtle enough for a Chinese diner like my friends. (PS: I have a higher tolerance for spiciness ok! LOL!) Same goes with the curry/gravy that you 'bathe' your rice with.....Haha..... It's just perfect with the right consistency, thickness and spiciness!

Top Curry House also sells various types of Indian sweets like Coconut Candy, Milk Candy and laddu. Not to mention some kacang putih, murukku and vadai. I find that the pricing for their sweets are pretty expensive. My Indian friends would recommend me to go to another shop in Seremban's Indian Street where sweets there are much cheaper.

Top Curry House opens everyday serving both lunch and dinner. Lunch usually starts at 11.30am onwards and can drag on until they've completely sold out of their food usually around 2.30pm. While for dinner, there won't be much dishes left for a decent banana leave rice resort in typical Chapattis, Naans or roti canai instead.

Top Curry House is situated in
No 152, Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal,
70000, Seremban,
 Negeri Sembilan.
Phone no: 06-76722294
Same road with Hotel Milo, turn right after you pass by Seng Heng Electrical shop. :)

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