Thursday, June 25, 2009

My results and THE Car......... results are out! Actually, it's out sometime ago already. The only thing is that UM doesn't want to mail it to our address. Don't ask me why! I can only think of all the negative things to say. Anyway.....yeah, went up to PJ today, for 2 things. First, to get my results from the faculty. Second, to collect my Nissan Sylphy. Yes! It's THE Nissan Sylphy that I blogged about last.....month? THE one that I won from Genting Casino. We have been delayed and delayed and.......delayed until today. We finally got hold of the car! Phew.......But it will be OFF to the new owner soon. Sigh......short lived happy moments.

Anyway, remember I said that I went for 3 viva-voce before? Yeah.......apparently I didn't nail all 3 of them. Another sigh......
Only managed to get ONE high distinction, two of the others were just distinction. Overall result was 1 A+, 2 A's, and 1 B. A+ for Biochemistry, A for Anatomy and Oral Biology, and B for Physiology. Oh well.....though I aimed for at least 2 high distinctions, I'm still grateful and happy with the outcome. Hmm....I guess I got to work harder and smarter next time!
Second I come to be the best!!! :D
Here are some before and after photos of the Genting lucky strike. :)

Before: (Left) Mom with mock key at Genting Casino. (Right) The winner's letter.

After: (Left to right) The Nissan Sylphy; Its interior; and ME! ^^,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Should I go bald???

I have this rather radical idea in me since last month. I'm bored of my hairstyle, that's what! Who wouldn't, after days and days of putting wax/gel/clay (whatever) to get that desire effect of your crowning glory? Then once it gets unmanagable, off to the barber/hairstylist to get it trimmed. Sometimes, you worry that the barber/hairstylist cut it too short or uneven. If so, you will be embarassed to go out and lather a lot of shampoo in hope to let your hair grow back to your desired length again! Sigh....

So, I thought to myself, "Why not just go bald?". Well, not that I have never go bald before....I did it (forcefully) when I was in NS. Didn't quite like it at first but then my fellow campmates said that it suits me cause apparently, I have 'the head' for it. The thing about being bald is that not everyone can put it well.

According to a website,,

"""Interestingly, unlike other hair cuts where the shape of the face determines which cut one should opt for, in this case one should know the shape of his head before one goes bald.

"This look goes best with people with an egg-shaped head or a round head. If your head is flat then you should avoid it completely because it can look disastrous," Sylvie maintained.

"Also people should make sure that their head doesn't have any scar marks and is very clean because only then does the style look trendy," Sylvie added.

According to Mumbai-based Bollywood stylist Pompy Hans, apart from the shape of the head, one should also keep one's body structure in mind before going for this look.

"If you are lean then the bald look is a big no-no. One should have broad shoulders and a good body structure to carry off this look with poise and confidence," Hans told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

And so I went Google-ing (again) for bald, trendy hairstyles and guess who I found? David Beckham! He is one of the well-known celebrities that can put on a bald look well. In fact, he had had a few bald occasions before. And so, here I am, copied a couple of his images for you guys to check it out. And along with that, I also inserted a couple of MY pictures when I was serving NS! My hair was already growing at that time cause it was almost end of training.

Now, what do you guys think??? Should I go bald? Or just a very short buzz with funky lines at the side? Or just have hair for goodness sake?

Or maybe I should wait for Thaipusam. And if others say it sucks, I'll just answer "It's for religious purposes, damn it!" =P

Monday, June 22, 2009

Types of Buddhism

If you have not realized yet, I have been very 'Buddhistic' recently. Maybe it was the effect from INCOVAR camp! I don't know....But then again, I start to learn and understand more of a religion that I claimed to be for more than 20 years yet know nothing about it - Buddhism. I went Google-ing for the types of Buddhism today, just to feed my curiosity for I know the way Buddhist practise in Malaysia is way different from those in India and Thailand. The same goes to Thai Buddhist with Tibetan ones. So, this is one interesting article that I found on the Net which hope to enlighten Buddhists alike as it did to me. :)

"""Just like there are many different denominations of Christianity – including Protestant churches and Catholicism, the different types of Buddhism reflect the way that this religion is practiced.

Buddhism is a dharmic religion and form of spirituality that revolves around certain beliefs and practices – all of which are aimed at bringing the participant closer to Buddhahood – the highest level of spiritual awareness. However, because the religion has gained followers in several different parts of the world (mostly in Asia), the way that Buddhism is practiced has split into several different sects. All of the Buddhist sects believe certain things in common: all accept Buddha as their teacher, use the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path in their teachings, and believe that Buddhahood is the highest attainment.

Most scholars divide the different types of Buddhism into three sections. The first of these is Southern Buddhism, or Theraveda Buddhism. The word Theraveda is a word in the Pali language (thought to be spoken by the Buddha) that means “the Doctrine of the Elders”. The biggest aim in the Theraveda practice is to use meditation to train the mind, and to encourage freedom of the mind from suffering. This freedom from suffering will allow you to reach the greatest spiritual goal – Nirvana. Theraveda Buddhism is the only surviving school from the earliest years of Buddhism, and it is mostly practiced today in Sri Lanka, Laos and Cambodia.

The second type of Buddhism that is mentioned is Eastern Buddhism, also known as Mahayana Buddhism. This sect not only teaches the Pali Canon (which is the religious text of Theraveda Buddhism) but also includes additional texts and beliefs. In order to reach Nirvana, Mahayana Buddhists believe that a person must practice universal compassion, which is the altruistic quest of the Bodhisattva to attain the “Awakened Mind” of Buddhahood. Mahayana Buddhism also has a level of mysticism involved. This type of Buddhism is practiced in China, Korea and Japan, as well as parts of other Asian countries.

The third of the different types of Buddhism is Northern or Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is also considered to be a type of Mahayana Buddhism, but it also embraces other teachings, texts and practices that are not seen in the Eastern type of Mahayana Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is also sometimes called Tantric Buddhism or Vajrayana. This type of Buddhism uses both the Mahayana and Theraveda scriptures, as well as a number of Buddhist Tantras – all of which are aimed at attaining Buddhahood in just one lifetime instead of requiring many reincarnations.

While all of the different types of Buddhism have the same goal and same basis for their beliefs, the way that Buddhahood is obtained varies from sect to sect. It is important to understand the way that each sect works before choosing to practice a type of Buddhism."""

Saturday, June 20, 2009

NUS-MU Games cum Singapore Trip

I just came back from Singapore 2 days ago. Went there for a intervarsity games between NUS and MU dental students. This time, it was organized by NUS themselves. A 3 days, 2 nights event; with great accommodation, friendly matches, warm hospitality and lovely new friends! It was truly a trip to remember. My only complaint? The weather in Singapore is FREAKING HOT!!! It's even hotter than Malaysia!

8 hours ride in this Lower Bed Bunk of Kelas Superior Malam of KTM from Seremban to Singapore. RM39 one-way ticket.

Prince George's Park Residence (PGPR for short), is where we stayed. No matter how the NUS students try to convince us that this is one of their not-so-good hostels, we still think this place is awesome! Single rooms, hot shower, electronic door...what else can we ask somemore?? The more expensive ones even have en-suite toilets AND air-cond!!! My only wish is that MU's hostel can be built this way. PGPR is like a resort for students!

First stop: NUS Faculty of Dentistry of course! And may I say....this place is much more modern than MU's. Sigh....another thing to hope for....

Next stop: World's Biggest Ferris Wheel - Singapore Flyer!! It's 10 times bigger than Eye on Malaysia and of course, 10 times more worth it too. :P

Then it was Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth. Oh, before that was Orchard Road but I said I don't want to shop so insist on going to Suntec. Posing here with me is my hunky facilitator, David Lim. Damn! Singapore guys are all so fit and hunky which makes us, Malaysian feel so small.....Not to mention, they are tall too..... :/

Welcome dinner at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesian Restaurant. And later, a walk in beautiful Singapore night scene.

Day 2: Hunky NUS guys and hot NUS girls in action. The 3rd and 4th picture shows the best looking Dental guy and girl of NUS. *Do I hear screams from the girls? And guys....stop drooling!* Haha!!!

And here, doing what I do the SUPPORTERS!!!!! Haha...and have I told you that Singapore weather is FREAKING HOT!!!??

Afternoon: Fun at Sentosa Island!

Also in Sentosa Island, we went to the Wax Museum in Images of Singapore. Seen here is a very rare posing of me. I've decided to do a little bit of acting according to situations. The 1st one was walking on burning, hot coal. Hence, the painful expression. 2nd, was to carry a heavy trishaw. Thus, the lifting-heavy-object face. Last one......My butt is quite big eh? LOL!!!!!
PS: My friends agreed to act with me. But alas! They end up with the boring, standard smile. *YAWN*

Trip to Sentosa ended off with a show entitled "Songs of the Sea". It was a brilliant showcase and use of water and laser! Truly a great entertainment. Highlight of the day!

Last day: Prize giving ceremony. It was a draw between NUS and MU. But the highlight was photo sessions, of course, with my group members and facilitators!!!! Introduced earlier was hunky David Lim. Now another facilitator, sexy Jacqueline Ong. And yes.........we are doing a kiss-kiss pose. XD

Just to top off the Singapore experience, we drank Newater! Made in Singapore; By Singaporean, For Singaporean and even FROM Singaporean!! Ewe.......anyway, there was neither shit/urine smell nor taste. Just chemically strong, clear water. I still prefer Malaysian water though. Haha!!!

All in all, this was a superb trip! Truly memorable indeed. Made quite a few friends. And will be looking forward for next year's one. Perfect time for Malaysian and Singaporean Dental students to bond.

Friday, June 19, 2009

31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

11th June 2009 marks my first Buddhist camp involvement. I have never join such camps before due to various reasons. First, I never liked camps cause I enjoy being pampered in my own air-conditioned bedroom with my personal bed and clear running water in my bathroom. Secondly, Buddhist camps are almost always conducted in Chinese why bother going when I can't understand them??

Then, INCOVAR came. INCOVAR = INter COlleges and VARsities. In fact, it is the 31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp...a little late, considering it is already the 31st one! But then again, I wouldn't have joined, or even get to know about it, if I was not introduced by my dental senior, Mei Fong. Btw, the minimum age to join this camp is 18 and he/she must be already enrolled in a college or university.

Being so idle at home during the holidays, I say "Why not?". I am a Buddhist myself but if you were to ask me anything related to the Buddha's teachings, I would have know nothing about them. And so, I packed my bags and left my comfort zone (Seremban lah..)

I headed to Subang Jaya Buddhist Association which is near Summit Shopping complex both excited and nervous the night before. Met up with my group members. Apparently, we were grouped beforehand and was asked to meet up in order to break the ice. So, we did. Amazingly, they were nice people. And knowing they too are such devoted Buddhists and going to the same camp, somehow or rather, you know you can trust them. And so, I was more confident in facing the camp the next morning. During and after was all a history. (Psst! I know this is cliche. But memandangkan I am not a very good writer and I am a little bit lazy to describe what actually happened each day, so let's cut short and let the pictures do the telling!)

Amazing Race: INCOVAR style. We were given RM20 to go shop for 5 items in Summit.

And yes...Part of the challenge include acting for a commercial. How can I resist?? And so I was the main actor. :P Time was limited as we were only given a few hours to think and practise. My group ended up 2nd place. But I was being crowned as 'Best Actor' by fellow campmates and judges. *beams*

The judges of "INCOVAR Got Talent".

Another challenge! And apparently, blindfolds are very popular in INCOVAR. Almost every activity, we were blindfolded or involves the blindfold! ~ Even during meals! =.="

And this is how we have our meals. On the floor, in front of the Buddha and of course, vegetarian food. :) Before and after meals, 'Contemplation of Meal' is read. Right pic: ME reading meal contemplation. *smiles*

Dhamma talks. Just look at how eager and attentive the campers were. Theme for this camp: Karma.

Remember I told you that we went to Summit to do some shopping? Well, this is a session where we totally utilise our items. The challenge? Each team are given 2 eggs and a glass bottle. We are to build whatever structure that will protect them from breaking. 1st pic: My group's creation. Named: Sarnath's dumbell! 2nd pic: Sarnath's dumbell being thrown from 1 storey high building. 3rd pic: The damage! One egg cracked. But the other and the glass bottle survived! Better use of physics and engineering next time. ;)

Last night: IXP. A very special session which is the main event of the whole camp. It is when campers realise the whole teaching of Buddha by touching them deep down in their hearts. 1st pic: These are the troublemakers that made us do some blunders.

Surprise! Buddhist Association actually have their own choir group! This group is called D2Y. And they already have an album. Currently busy working on their 2nd one. PS: It's in English too.

Happy times with my group ~ Sarnath!

Picture with the whole campers and committee.

Few 'shiok-sendiri' pictures with my lovely senior, Mei Fong. And on the right, another fellow camper from UM, Ee Leen.

My souvenir from INCOVAR. A self portrait. Thanks INCOVAR!!!

~INCOVAR..........We Inspire.........~

Below is a short video clip of photos compilation during the 31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp. It's really good. Enjoy it!


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