Friday, June 19, 2009

31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp

11th June 2009 marks my first Buddhist camp involvement. I have never join such camps before due to various reasons. First, I never liked camps cause I enjoy being pampered in my own air-conditioned bedroom with my personal bed and clear running water in my bathroom. Secondly, Buddhist camps are almost always conducted in Chinese why bother going when I can't understand them??

Then, INCOVAR came. INCOVAR = INter COlleges and VARsities. In fact, it is the 31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp...a little late, considering it is already the 31st one! But then again, I wouldn't have joined, or even get to know about it, if I was not introduced by my dental senior, Mei Fong. Btw, the minimum age to join this camp is 18 and he/she must be already enrolled in a college or university.

Being so idle at home during the holidays, I say "Why not?". I am a Buddhist myself but if you were to ask me anything related to the Buddha's teachings, I would have know nothing about them. And so, I packed my bags and left my comfort zone (Seremban lah..)

I headed to Subang Jaya Buddhist Association which is near Summit Shopping complex both excited and nervous the night before. Met up with my group members. Apparently, we were grouped beforehand and was asked to meet up in order to break the ice. So, we did. Amazingly, they were nice people. And knowing they too are such devoted Buddhists and going to the same camp, somehow or rather, you know you can trust them. And so, I was more confident in facing the camp the next morning. During and after was all a history. (Psst! I know this is cliche. But memandangkan I am not a very good writer and I am a little bit lazy to describe what actually happened each day, so let's cut short and let the pictures do the telling!)

Amazing Race: INCOVAR style. We were given RM20 to go shop for 5 items in Summit.

And yes...Part of the challenge include acting for a commercial. How can I resist?? And so I was the main actor. :P Time was limited as we were only given a few hours to think and practise. My group ended up 2nd place. But I was being crowned as 'Best Actor' by fellow campmates and judges. *beams*

The judges of "INCOVAR Got Talent".

Another challenge! And apparently, blindfolds are very popular in INCOVAR. Almost every activity, we were blindfolded or involves the blindfold! ~ Even during meals! =.="

And this is how we have our meals. On the floor, in front of the Buddha and of course, vegetarian food. :) Before and after meals, 'Contemplation of Meal' is read. Right pic: ME reading meal contemplation. *smiles*

Dhamma talks. Just look at how eager and attentive the campers were. Theme for this camp: Karma.

Remember I told you that we went to Summit to do some shopping? Well, this is a session where we totally utilise our items. The challenge? Each team are given 2 eggs and a glass bottle. We are to build whatever structure that will protect them from breaking. 1st pic: My group's creation. Named: Sarnath's dumbell! 2nd pic: Sarnath's dumbell being thrown from 1 storey high building. 3rd pic: The damage! One egg cracked. But the other and the glass bottle survived! Better use of physics and engineering next time. ;)

Last night: IXP. A very special session which is the main event of the whole camp. It is when campers realise the whole teaching of Buddha by touching them deep down in their hearts. 1st pic: These are the troublemakers that made us do some blunders.

Surprise! Buddhist Association actually have their own choir group! This group is called D2Y. And they already have an album. Currently busy working on their 2nd one. PS: It's in English too.

Happy times with my group ~ Sarnath!

Picture with the whole campers and committee.

Few 'shiok-sendiri' pictures with my lovely senior, Mei Fong. And on the right, another fellow camper from UM, Ee Leen.

My souvenir from INCOVAR. A self portrait. Thanks INCOVAR!!!

~INCOVAR..........We Inspire.........~

Below is a short video clip of photos compilation during the 31st INCOVAR Dhamma Camp. It's really good. Enjoy it!



aqlim said...
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aqlim said... have blogged abouht the IDC and Malacca Trips..will read them in detail when i get home later...!!=D

Qian said...

Nice post although its quite short..haha.=D

Unknown said...

yeah....don't want to be too detail cos it might bore some ppl who are not familiar with IDC. Try to make it as interesting as possible, although it is not the exact account of IDC. Haha...but then again, I'm not a very good writer myself. Hehe.... :P

QIan said...

yea, true also for not being too detail for those who are not familiar with incovar.i thought you will pen down your own feelings more on what u felt about IDC=)hehe..

is ok, u stll can improve on can write so much better than me =)

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