Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tun Tan Cheng Lock Foundation / Scholarship: The Interview

On the 12th of June 2010, I've been called for TTCLF interview on the 12th floor of Wisma Tun Sambanthan, KL. Shortlisted candidates were asked to be there at 9am and once there, we were asked to report our attendance and later being sorted out into random groups of 6. There were about 10 groups and I was placed in number 8!

Initially, all 6 members of a group were called into the board room together to be briefed. Then a one-to-one session was being held with the interviewer. Apparently, everyone who were present had had been awarded the scholarship itself, so said by the interviewer herself! Which was good news for everyone, or so I thought. But then again, wouldn't it be easier for her to just announce to everyone that we've got it and not talk to us one by one in order to save time and effort? Fishy isn't it? Well, it turns out that there were some private and confidential matters that need to be discussed with some of the applicants. *heart beats* *gulp*

I didn't know what it was but kept a positive mind, nonetheless. The interview session is fairly slow...each group spent an average of 50 minutes before the next one take its turn! So, you can the time it was my group's's already 2 pm! That was a 5-hour wait!

The interviewer told us the same thing like we heard from the previous groups. Saying that all of us here are being awarded with TTCLF and told us to cancel off whatever loans or other fundings that one may previously have (e.g. PTPTN). In addition to that, she also told us to continue our efforts to obtain the minimum requirements (which is a pass grade) in order for TTCLF to continue supporting the student. One is not allowed to resit any papers at all. Not even supplementary! He/she MUST pass all subjects at one go. Also, she told us that TTCLF can only be awarded to one child per family. Meaning that, if you are taking this scholarship, then the rest of your siblings are not allowed to apply for it again. One's result must be posted to TTCLF trustees as soon as it is available.

Of course, at that time I was overjoyed to hear all these! And so, I waited for my one-to-one session......

Everything was OK at first with her asking about my latest results, parents' occupation and my sibling's financial support..... I thought I'll be beaming out from the room like most of the applicants but I was dumbfounded when she said "I think you better not cancel your PTPTN lah"!!!!!

I was like "Excuse me??? Can you come again???"

Apparently she said I was not quite eligible for TTCLF and that my application is considered as "borderline case" whereby my parents' salary wasn't "low enough"!! I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say.... I tried convincing her but she told me she will need to discuss with the rest of the Trustees.....

So unfortunate experience during TTCLF interview. I'm blogging this for the sake of future applicants and to show that I am not afraid in accepting failures. No point in hiding this up and no point in crying over spilled milk.....

As to date, I still haven't receive any news from TTCLF while some of my coursemates who had been fortunate enough had already decline their PTPTN loans......I do hope that the trustees will award me with this for it will truly makes my life better off! Oh....and if you are reading this, don't be taken aback on what I said, continue applying for TTCLF and all the best! ;)

For the application know-hows, please refer to my previous blog post here. Thanks! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Project-κ 17: Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan

Went "blog walking" one day and saw a blogger blogged about this place serving "the best porridge in Seremban". While I do not fancy porridge that much, I didn't bother trying this place out the first time I read it. Then again, since I am being so idle at home during my holidays I've decided, what the heck! Just go and snap some pictures....besides, Project-κ has not been running for quite a while already! So, I went there yesterday with a friend of mine after a karaoke session at GreenBox! :P

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan is situated at Temiang. From Temiang's KFC, go straight and turn right at the first junction. Then at a second junction, turn right again. You should see a Chinese temple on your right and this restaurant is located on your left just 10 meters away from the Chinese temple. It is a corner lot shop. Next to it is Seremban Kee Mei Siew Pow.

We reached at 6pm but the shop just opened and workers are busy laying out chopsticks. Rupa-rupanya business starts at 6.30pm on weekdays and 6.00pm on weekends. According to the blogger, Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan is closed on every Tuesday. So we decided to walk about till it's time. 

["The 3 stooges"]....was bored waiting for our order so I snapped this 3 bottles of condiments on our table. We came back at 6.30pm sharp and the shop is already packed! Only 2 tables remained empty!

The "general" look of porridges served. Topped with spring onions and shredded fried noodle-like-thingy.

[My friend's chicken porridge] The texture of this porridge is quite smooth! Served with generous amount of chunky chicken pieces. Taste wise it is flavourful. You don't need "the help from the 3 stooges" at all! LOL! My friend gave a 2 thumbs up for Kawan's porridge!

[My chee cap (pig's offal) porridge] I want to confess, I HATE offals!!! I told me friends, I eat (almost) everything except beef and weird stuff, offals included! I just don't like the taste!! Nonetheless, I brave myself to sample this bowl of offal porridge for the sake of writing this post. Surprisingly it is quite edible! Unlike offals served elsewhere, the offals in this bowl of porridge is (I hate to admit it) quite delicious! There was no smell or weird taste in it! A mixture of tripe, liver, pork and fried intestines are served. I simply LOVE the fried intestine! Simply awesome! Crispy and very very flavourful! My bowl of porridge was even more flavourful than my friend's chicken porridge! Texture wise, it is a little more "rough and rice-y" than its counterpart. And I managed to finish everything! This is amazing considering I don't fancy offals that much! Each bowl of porridge costs RM3.50; accoding to baby_sumo there are fish porridge too. But too bad, on that day, only this 2 are available. 

[Our side order of a quarter of pak cham kai (steamed chicken)] In order to have the "complete experience", we don't wanna miss out on the numerous steamed chickens hanging on the stall. I've read that these chicken are so good that they are sold off in an hour's time! And true enough. It is quite tasty! Priced at RM10 for a quarter, the chicken are so smooth....smoother than those found in the porridge! And you in taste too! Definitely one good helping of steamed chicken. May even give famous Ipoh Chicken rice a run for their money! LOL! 

The only stall in the whole restaurant that operates during dinner time. Do give it a try! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Torture for 3 weeks!!!

Who would have thought having no Internet connection can be so torturous???!!! I am upgrading my home Internet to a faster 4 Mbps connection and since 14th June, the old 1 Mbps has been cut off in order to prepare for the new one! It's only been less than a week and I am getting out of my wits waiting for TM to restore my home connection!!! GOD HELP ME!!!!! I really hope TM can speed up their work so I can enjoy my super fast 4 Mbps connection as soon as possible! Not to mention resume blogging and Facebook-ing!

PS: Currently, I need to go to my uncle's place to go online! Otherwise, I'll be rotting (literally) at home! :/

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My TALL Theory

I have a theory.....!!!
Well, not really a theory.....but rather a hypothesis!
A hypothesis on how to ensure your children to be tall when they grow up!
This is solely based on my observations on tall people and their childhood behaviour. It seems that there are some sort of relationship...!!!
OK is also based on my own childhood behaviour! Teehee~~~
My hypothesis is that, in order to grow up tall, you need plenty of food when you were young (ideally before puberty) so means getting FAT; PLENTY of sleep and, if you must, good genes also play a minor role!



There, there...every hypothesis needs an explanation. When I was bout 6 years old, I was overweight and when I was 12, my weight went up to almost 90kg (the heaviest I ever weigh)! Also, during those days, I sleep a lot! Like a LOOOOOTTTTT! I used to go to bed at 8.30pm every day and waking up at 7am for school. To top it off, there were afternoon naps when I came back from school. During my secondary school days, my sleep hours was reduced by 2 hours. I slept at 10.30pm. Now? I sleep latest at 12am!
The thing about sleep is that, a certain growth hormone is secreted at its peak during deep sleep by your hypothalamus glands and this is what make children to grow tall and strong

While being fat means you have lots of nutrient! Which is essential for growth! Of course, you cannot deny that at times, good genes play a part too. But I think it's a minor role! Cause I have seen tall children by short parents.

And another evidence is shown by my own brother, he is 15 now and 10cm shorter than me (by the way, I am 183cm tall)! And when he was young, he was overweight too! Not to mention he sleeps a lot as well back then!

So, you tell me! Is my hypothesis worth considering or not??? 

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