Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tun Tan Cheng Lock Foundation / Scholarship: The Interview

On the 12th of June 2010, I've been called for TTCLF interview on the 12th floor of Wisma Tun Sambanthan, KL. Shortlisted candidates were asked to be there at 9am and once there, we were asked to report our attendance and later being sorted out into random groups of 6. There were about 10 groups and I was placed in number 8!

Initially, all 6 members of a group were called into the board room together to be briefed. Then a one-to-one session was being held with the interviewer. Apparently, everyone who were present had had been awarded the scholarship itself, so said by the interviewer herself! Which was good news for everyone, or so I thought. But then again, wouldn't it be easier for her to just announce to everyone that we've got it and not talk to us one by one in order to save time and effort? Fishy isn't it? Well, it turns out that there were some private and confidential matters that need to be discussed with some of the applicants. *heart beats* *gulp*

I didn't know what it was but kept a positive mind, nonetheless. The interview session is fairly slow...each group spent an average of 50 minutes before the next one take its turn! So, you can the time it was my group's's already 2 pm! That was a 5-hour wait!

The interviewer told us the same thing like we heard from the previous groups. Saying that all of us here are being awarded with TTCLF and told us to cancel off whatever loans or other fundings that one may previously have (e.g. PTPTN). In addition to that, she also told us to continue our efforts to obtain the minimum requirements (which is a pass grade) in order for TTCLF to continue supporting the student. One is not allowed to resit any papers at all. Not even supplementary! He/she MUST pass all subjects at one go. Also, she told us that TTCLF can only be awarded to one child per family. Meaning that, if you are taking this scholarship, then the rest of your siblings are not allowed to apply for it again. One's result must be posted to TTCLF trustees as soon as it is available.

Of course, at that time I was overjoyed to hear all these! And so, I waited for my one-to-one session......

Everything was OK at first with her asking about my latest results, parents' occupation and my sibling's financial support..... I thought I'll be beaming out from the room like most of the applicants but I was dumbfounded when she said "I think you better not cancel your PTPTN lah"!!!!!

I was like "Excuse me??? Can you come again???"

Apparently she said I was not quite eligible for TTCLF and that my application is considered as "borderline case" whereby my parents' salary wasn't "low enough"!! I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say.... I tried convincing her but she told me she will need to discuss with the rest of the Trustees.....

So unfortunate experience during TTCLF interview. I'm blogging this for the sake of future applicants and to show that I am not afraid in accepting failures. No point in hiding this up and no point in crying over spilled milk.....

As to date, I still haven't receive any news from TTCLF while some of my coursemates who had been fortunate enough had already decline their PTPTN loans......I do hope that the trustees will award me with this for it will truly makes my life better off! Oh....and if you are reading this, don't be taken aback on what I said, continue applying for TTCLF and all the best! ;)

For the application know-hows, please refer to my previous blog post here. Thanks! :)


reenah said...

Hi. I just browsed through your blog to know about TTCLF. Can i have the TTCLF contact number please?

Unknown said...

Hi Reenah, like I said, TTCLF doesn't have their own office but you can try to call this number to talk to their representative - 0322732688 or 0327133655

Anonymous said...

Hi william, May i know your parents salary(which is consider as not low enough)?? And does it still eligible for them who had started their first sem of degree course?
So there would be no second attempt after u had failed 1 of the subject? consider that all other subject u had scored with flying colours.

Unknown said...

Parents salary is a P&C matter. Let's just say it's more than 3k. You want a low salary? State anything below 1.5 - 1k, you'll stand a higher chance!
Of course! Wouldn't it better to get it as early as you can? No harm trying.
No... from what I understand, should you fail any subjects (regardless of how good the rest are), your scholarship will be withdrawn. You MUST pass all subjects to continue this scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Hi i have read your blog.May I know is TTCLF still available for um 14/15 intake ?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry. I'm not affiliated with TTCL so I do not know. You can call them to find out more.

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