Monday, November 23, 2009

Project-κ 5: Rojak @ Pasar Besar Seremban

I was quite full when I finished both Tow Kee Hakka and Hioong Kee cuttlefish noodles. But since Mr. Hioong Kee sort of like hinted to me and strongly recommended for this to be my next stop, I happily obliged. Talk about killing 3 birds with one stone! LOL! I headed over to the Rojak stall in the same foodcourt of Seremban market, behind Hioong Kee cuttlefish noodle.

If you go Google-ing on food in Seremban, I think this rojak stall was patroned and recommended by other food bloggers too. It is stall 785, hidden at a corner and was managed by a middle aged woman.

The rojak served here is kind of special, to be honest! It is not your usual mamak rojak. I don't know if it was a special recipe of the owner or can it be called Chinese rojak cause it is truly different! Haha.... Instead of the spicy-sweet peanut sauce which is commonly found in mamak stalls, the gravy of the rojak here is sweet-sour with tad hint of spicyness and peanut in it. I have never tasted such rojak before. And it is very good!

There was shreded sar kot (turnips), cucumber, spiced potato cubes, taugeh (beansprouts), tofu (beancurd) and crsipy fried kueh. RM3.00 per plate, you can either choose your rojak with or without noodles in it. Seen here is rojak without noodles. Note: There weren't any eggs served.

The rojak stall opens everyday except Tuesday from 9.30 am till everything is being sold off, so closing time is not fixed.


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