Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Death of a lil' guy

He was found lying down on the floor. Semi-naked, eyes closed but still moving and opening his mouth when he sensed movement around as though asking for food. I looked around and found that his home was just directly above me, but the access was just too small. I worry I might crush the lil' guy if I were to force him back with his brother. His mom and dad was of course looking at me, fearing that I am a predator which might just consume that lil' guy with just one gulp considering my enormous size, if compared to them. They were franctically flying around.

Then, I was contemplating whether or not I shall do something or leave him alone. And so I googled on how to take care of such baby cause I never had an experience before. From what I heard, if you touches it with bare hands, the parents may not want it anymore! But from an online article, it said that I shall keep him safe from cold and cat and leave it somewhere his parents can find him and rest asure he will be fine.

So, I made a temporary home for him, with newspapers and newspapers shredding as padding for his home. I don't know if it's comfortable or will it provide enough warmth for the lil' guy, but it's the best I can do. I have thought of feeding him but from the article that I read, I can't feed him too hot a food as it will burn his stomach or too cold, cause it will stay undigested and rot inside him. So, I let nature takes it course. Hoping that his parents know he is safe and continue feeding him. Put him on a hanging plant and went to sleep.

The next morning came and I was eager to see if the lil' guy was fine. I saw a few adults around him and was relieved at that sight. His parents came for him after all. Or so I thought. But when I went to check.......he was lying still on the bed. I tapped on his home, still no movement. And he was testified dead when I tilted him to the sides. Just lay there still, eyes closed and neck straightened. I don't know what happened. Maybe his parents didn't know he was there. Maybe he wasn't warm enough to last through the cold, rainy night. Or maybe he was injured during the fall. I don't know.........I am just sad to see him die. May you be happy in your next life, my dear lil' birdie. :'(


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