Monday, November 23, 2009

Project-κ 4: Hioong Kee Cuttlefish Noodle @ Pasar Besar Seremban

Right after Tow Kee Hakka Noodle, with my stomach half satiated, I went over for a plate of another famous food in Pasar Besar Seremban, cuttlefish noodle! Seremban has a lot of places selling this kind of noodle, which again, seldom found in other states. Hioong Kee Cuttlefish Noodle is of course, one of the famous one that sells this delicacy in the foodcourt of our Seremban market. It is at stall 753, behind Tow Kee, north-west if you use the stairs from the fruit stalls as a reference. Directions can be complicated here. Sorry I don't have a map. Hopefully the stall number helps.

It is RM3.30 per plate of cuttlefish noodle. I don't think it comes in large or small portion, just one standard size. Hence, the single pricing for his noodles.

A good plate of cuttlefish noodle requires noodles that are fried just right, not too raw and not too burnt; thick pork slices that are flavourful without the fat layer; fresh vegetables and flavourful gravy or thick soup to top it off! Hioong Kee's cuttlefish noodle fulfilled the criterias and was quite good.

The noodles weren't burnt and not as hard as wires. In fact, it is just nice. The pork was of course, very flavoursome and the cuttlefish is soft! This is amazing, cause some stalls, their cuttlefish as so tough and hard, it feels as though you are eating cartilage or something. :P And I love the soup as well....not too runny, not too thick. Flavour was's just hard to describe it. It has a tad salt taste in it but at the same time, gives you a warm pleasant feeling to your palate. It's like creamy soup minus the cream. Haha....

The owner of the stall, Hioong Kee came over when his sister saw us taking photos of his stall and noodles. He even pulled a chair and chat with us when we finished his noodles. I think he thought that we were reporters. Hahaha....but I told him that I'm just going to publish it in my blog, hoping to introduce to others good food in Seremban. He even wants to treat us a drink but I politely said no. LOL! Mr. Hioong Kee told us that he managed his business for 15 years already, clearly stating the date of his first opening was 1st May 1995. One thing noteable of his business is that he is really particular of the quality of his food. He said that if the beehoon that he got that day were not good, he won't cook them and insist on getting a better one! And he cleans his vegetables and cuttlefish thoroughly. Which is true because I saw him doing it and the vege in the noodles were sand-free. ^^, Good man, this Mr. Hioong Kee. He even introduce us other makan place for my next entry.

Hioong Kee Cuttlefish Noodle opens everyday except Tuesday, from 5.30am to slightly off 1.00pm. Contact number of the owner of the stall is 016-9107357.


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