Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tenji treat!!!

Those of you who still don't know bout Tenji Japanese Buffet....shame on you! Forwarded mails about this restaurant and its promotions had been circulating like MAD on the net for the past months! I had had received the same email 3 times already!

I didn't get to go when they still had their promo (RM49.90++ for lunch) on last 2 weeks and so, was kind of disappointed about it. Cos I really REALLY wanted to go for buffet that day....But apparently, the restaurant was fully booked from the 1st day of promo right up to the last day. So, hard luck!

My friend probably had sensed my disappointment and she arranged a surprise for me! I was treated to the normal price lunch buffet at Tenji for RM77++ by her, today! *Soooo soooooo very sweet of her* The reason was because she got a RM200 angpau and just wanted to spend it all....:) *PS: she is rich*

I never eaten as much as today. The amount of food probably can last for a week if i start hibernating now. I am FREAKING full right now and my stomach is distended like a cow's! Phew....any bigger, it'll blow up!
Haha....anyway here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Some are taken from other blogs and emails to get the complete picture. I am not going to comment about the food cause I think I'll just leave that to the professional food bloggers as they had had done a good job. I got my urge to eat at this place from them. You can check out this blog for a review:
I was kind of disappointed, by the way, because some dishes shown in blogs are not to be found there today. We paid for the full amount, but we get less than the promo people get? What the heck???

Me and good ol' Joe at Tenji, Soho KL, Mount Kiara.

Me chowing down on this ----------> Raw oyster. After just 2, I felt like puking! Am not an oyster eater!

California Roll (back) and Soft Shell Crab Roll
Ginseng soup. It was so good that I drank half of it before remembering to take a picture. :P
Arrays of raw and cooked stuff. Sushi, escargot and mussels.
Herbal Soup. Was good too.
Really good pasta....but forgotten what it's called.
Cakes. Mousse and cheese cakes. I only enjoyed the Strawberry cheesecake.

More pictures:
Free flow of sweet, baby coconuts.
Arrays of sashimi.
Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside...Roasted Lamb Roll!!!
Deserts: Spoilt for choice
Haagen Daaz ice-creams
Chocolate fondue
Overall, this is a quite good buffet but I had higher hopes on it, hoping it would be much better. Sigh...probably I had just put my hopes up too high. I'll give it a 7.8 out of 10.


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