Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prayer menace

I'm not being racist today...No! I never was. I'm just kinda fed up with it and just can't stand it no more. I know Malaysia being an Islamic country and all, but can't Muslims be a little tolerant to others as well???
Now, I believe most 1st year Uni students stay in hostels right? So....does anyone here has a problem with the surau people BLASTING their voice off the mike and broadcast it throughout the whole freaking college???
Yes? YES?!!!
Well....I did! And I think it is annoying!
I understand they have to recite their prayers using a speaker so others will know that they are suppose to pray now. Cause apparently most people doesn't know when to pray, so they have to rely on the surau people to remind them. efficient.
But they have to SHOUT all the way through their prayers???
I mean....I don't mind if you just speak moderately loud enough for people to hear you...but screaming like a rock concert will just get on people's nerve! And I hate it!
Someday, I just feel like putting the speaker right in front of them and let them hear how "melodious" their voice are.
Even more sickening is that, some even treat it like a karaoke session! Yeah.....karaoke! They apparently "sing" all their way through...How revolting!
I have one surau guy who prays like the whole world is having an earthquake. Why? Cause he over used his vibrato! This is not a freaking talent show! And are not on air. Even if you are, you will still lose cause your! No matter how much your vibrate it or even put a vibrator in your throat (just to get the same effect)!
And one more guy prays as if he is about to throw up! I'm not joking....He ends every word with a *croak*. Oh man....can't they understand others people's feeling as well???
And one can't even hold a single note well. His voice breaks at every high pitch note! Oh my God! I'm having nightmares! Imagine being woke up by this voice at 6 am! It affects the rest of your day, I'm telling you!
My room is relatively far from the speaker yet I still hear it loud and clear when one of those 2 idiots conduct the prayer by shouting. What about those who have the speaker right under their windows? I really pity them. They probably have gone deaf by now.
Sigh.....One day, I really hope there's a meeting to bring up this issue. I know it's a sensitive thing but for the well fare of others, someone gotta speak up! Well, I know I will totally support the move to quiet down the prayers. But for now......SIGH...............


Liz said...

Man, that's really crazy!!! Kesiannnn
Me, I think they do have prayers..But at 6am, I sleep like the dead. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

hm... strange thoughts

Anonymous said...

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