Sunday, February 8, 2009

30 minutes panic!

Now, have anyone of you ever lost your phone??? No....don't gasp! I didn't lose mine...but I sure know how it feels!

My dad came up to KL today, so he brought me out for dinner. On the way back, I was texting Anupama (a friend of mine) and just left it on the seat for I was expecting a reply from her. So I didn't bother to put it back into the pocket of my shorts.

But no reply.....and I've reached my campus. Took the things my dad brought for me from home, took my notes (yes....I bring my notes along in case there's any free time to read) and stepped down from the car....

Went to my room, put away all those goodies from home. Do my laundry, go back to my room, set 30 minutes alarm on my phone........"Wait!......... Where is my phone?"

It took me a minute to realise that it was still in my dad's car. I went like "OH MY GOD!!!! Shit shit shit!!!! I need to call dad! I need to call dad! Oh no....i don't have a phone! What should I do? What should I do??!"

Ran down to my coursemate's room (my roommate wasn't around), bang on the door, grab hold of him! "Quick! Give me your phone! GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!!!!'
And to make things worse.....he set his phone in Chinese! Great! More delays.....
"How the hell do you make calls???!!!!"

Eventually I managed to get to talk to my dad.....

Me - "Dad!! Where are you?? I left my phone in the car!"
Dad - "Aiyo....I've already passed the Sungai Besi toll gate lah."
Me - "SHIT! Then how?? I've got LOTS of things I can't do without my phone!"
Dad - "I'll ask Boy Koko (my cousin) to bring it back to you lah."
Me - "When??"
Dad - "I don't know. Maybe tomorrow.....maybe later."
Me - *cries*
Coursemate - "You want to order Domino's pizza tonight?"
Me - *stares at him* "Don't talk to me.......I have no mood now!"

Back to my room.....start thinking...."Oh my god.....What am I to do now? How am I going to wake up tomorrow morning without an alarm? I'm expecting messages from my drama team. How are they gonna contact me now? How am I to know when is practice? I've an appointment to make. How am i gonna retrieve the phone number????"
And my mind just keeps going on and on and on.....

Went to shower...."Great! What luck have I got today....SIGH."

Was half way through, then my coursemate shouted for me in the toilet.

Me - "What?"
Him - "Your dad called....he said he'll reach here in 5 minutes."
Me - *in disbelieve* REALLY?? Haha....oh ok ok!!! THANKS!!! *beaming in the shower*
Him - "So? Do you want to order Domino's pizza tonight??"
Me - " -_-" ........up to you lah."
Him - "Ok! Haha.....Yippee!"

And that's the whole story....for the past 30 minutes, my life was turned back to the prehistoric time. I mean....try to imagine lah. Being so dependent on the phone, and suddenly losing it is like a huge chunk of your life was being grabbed away!

But the real hero today was of course MY DAD! He's a real saver. THANKS DAD! :D


Liz said...

OMG, that must have been scary lo. Haha I dropped my phone once n I almost cried. So sad...Cayang cayang my phone cho much!! :)

- 欣 - said...

hahaa...ur coursemate was so funny.kept asking u whether want to order domino pizza or not.lolx....

Nisshant~ said...

hi william..its me
cool story...i noe hw that feels like as well!

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