Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project-κ 16: Pizza Italia @ Oakland Commercial Square

Just realized I was suppose to blog about this when I was rummaging my picture folders. These pictures had been stored in there since last CNY. LOL! And if you would realize, the pictures for this post is of much better quality cause I used my friend's DSLR that time! All rightee.... It was lunch during a CNY outing and someone recommended we go to Pizza Italia for some away-from-the-ordinary-lunch! Haha.... This place is situated at Oakland Commercial Square, very near to Columbia Asia Hospital.

The restaurant has an actual Italian cook! So you know that you are enjoying some authentic Italian food.... well, from the taste and hands of an Italian at least! :P 

We ordered a couple of pizzas...and I'm so sorry...I couldn't remember the names as it was last January trip and my memory isn't that good! LOL! But these has no beef in them as most of you may have know already, that I can't take beef. :)

Regular pizzas were priced at RM 16 while large ones are RM 21. I usually order pizzas from either Pizza Hut or Domino's, so I can only compare Pizza Italia's pizzas to them. I find them to be duh....they knead the dough only when orders were taken. The base was soft and not over-burnt. Just cheese pizzas tasted kinda plain to me....I don't know....maybe I'm used to getting chunky pieces of meats on my pizza that I don't fancy cheese-only-loaded pizzas. *shrugs* However, those with meat on them tasted pretty decent. Not great....but above average!

Pizza don't-know-what's-its-name-1 with seafood was pretty good.

Pizza don't-know-what's-its-name-2 just cheese tasted plain to me. :/

Chicken Lasagna was pretty good too! Nicely layered of cheese and meat makes this an enjoyable dish. :)

The restaurant's interior

Apparently Pizza Italia doesn't have a signboard. So, you'll need to look out for the red canopy or this cute little sign on its glass door.

Address: 480, Jalan Haruan 4/4, 
Oakland Commercial Center, 
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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Liz said...

I liked the chicken lasagna too !!! Very tasty :) Darn. I should mentally prepare myself before visiting your blog in future. It's 11.45 pm and I'm hungryyyyy ! Your fault ! >.<

Unknown said...

Hahaha!! I should create a warning that states: "This blog is not for the hungry stomachs" prior entering then! LOL!....

Liz said...

Yeahhh. I think you should ! lol
But then again, I would still go on reading and my stomach would go on growling >.<
And then, I'd blame you for it ! teeheee

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