Sunday, May 22, 2011

400 feet above ground

I did something fun today! *grins* Went with 2 other friends to Pulau Indah, Port Klang for an afternoon of paramotor flight! If you don't know what paramotor is, it's actually similar to parasailing where there'll be a parachute behind you but this doesn't involve any boats. Instead, you are seated on a chair-thingy which is being mounted with a HUGE fan! It relies solely on the force of the fan to push you up to the sky. Can't imagine it? All right here's a pic:

Ran by a company called Air Venture, this flight actually costs RM150. But I bought it at a discounted price from at 50% off! To be honest, I wouldn't have went if it wasn't for the half price. Cause the whole thing only lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes. RM150 for 10 - 15 minutes? You do the math! LOL!! XD

Overall it was not bad, really. I mean, it's not all thrilling and scary. In fact, I find it very relaxing! Luckily it rained before we came and the sun wasn't completely out yet. So it wasn't blazing hot when we are up in the sky. Mild wind, beautiful view of the Malacca straits, ships, fishermen, and mangrove forests make it a really enjoyable ride!

I would rate it as good if it wasn't for the ever-so-confusing-and-very-high-tendency-to-get-lost-route to reach the take off site!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took an HOUR to find that bloody place and asked about 10 people for directions! The worse thing is, when I called up the management to ask for directions, they just asked me to look at the map! I was totally speechless.... I mean, yessssss........ it's difficult to describe it over the phone because the roads are really secluded and confusing! AT LEAST make a better map with more details on it! I am not sure if it was my problem with the map or it's the map that was just too vague? I prefer to think the latter, thank you very much. :P

We road there was a very bumpy one! I felt like I'm in a kangaroo pouch! No joke! And my car was a total mess when we reached. Muddy....... T_T

To (not) make things better, the whole field was full with bull shits! Literally, bull (and cow) shits! =____="""

According to the villagers there, the roads are not completed yet. So getting there IS difficult and yes, my GPS doesn't register the place too. So, if you are thinking of going, please go early and READ THE MAP PROPERLY beforehand! To find out more about this activity, go check out their website at

Some pics for your entertainment. Enjoy! :D :


Liz said...

Looks like fun !!!!! :D But takut laaaa @.@

Unknown said...

It's NOT SCARY AT ALL!!!! Seriously! It's very relaxing~~~ :)

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