Monday, October 25, 2010

Nokia N8!!! Finally got my hands on one! :)

Wow.....who would have thought clinical years can be so busy! Man.... juggling with patients and studies at the same time really drains you out body, mind and soul!!! It feels worse than working! In fact, we ARE working in the day and once we are back in the evening, it's studying!!! Phew.... eventhough we may not have clinics on a particular day, we just wanna lie down on the bed and do nothing! Absolutely NOTHING!!! *takes time to breathe man*
So, hiatus in blogging is expected until semester breaks kick in! Sigh....

Anyway....Nokia launched their new phone recently, 16th October 2010, to be exact and I've bought one!!! A super cool silver colour Nokia N8!! Now, I am NOT going to go on and on and on about how good is my phone because that are the jobs for the critics.... Besides, I had had posted about Nokia N8 previously, here. Priced at RM1690, I think it's pretty reasonable for a new phone. And for early birds who had pre-booked the phone, like me, got a complimentary black spine casing and additional 12 months warranty!! Isn't that just value for money?? :)

Now...I am pretty happy with my phone with my roommate constantly saying it feels exactly like an iPhone but really..... I do NOT wanna compare! Any unintentional similarities of Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone will remain...... unintentional! :P
My only complain is that it is at times quite lagging especially so if you open too many applications at one go! However, Nokia N8 is still a very good feature phone! Hopefully Nokia will come out with a better more stable phone to rival Apple's new found fame! Go Nokia (I read that you are pairing up with Intel now to create a smarter phone operating system)!!! Or else, I'll jump ship, if iPhone has better features than you! :P

Hehe.....may the best phone company wins!

My beloved phone:


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