Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project-κ 18: Laksa @ Restoran Asia

It's rather chilly these few days with the rain, isn't it? Well, I can't think of any better days to eat a fiery, hot and spicy bowl of laksa other than today! Went for food blogging out of the blues and decided to introduce Restoran Asia in Rahang, Seremban, which is no stranger to any Seremban-ians at all! LOL!

To make things clearer, there is actually another restaurant with the same name located at Senawang. I'm not sure which is the main shop and which is the branch, but I think both serve equally good laksa! 
The one in Rahang is located right opposite the post office. If you are coming from Bukit Blossom, the shop is the 3rd before the traffic lights. You got to keep your eyes wide open as its sign board is kinda faded, so it ain't attention grabbing at all. Moreover it is sort of being blocked by a stall by the road side. 

A typical bowl of laksa is served with half an egg, tofu puffs, fish cakes, and si ham (cockles). Of course, if you prefer, you can opt out the cockles if you don't like them. I know I don't! LOL! Below is the 'normal' bowl of laksa minus the cockles..... They'll give you few pieces of pork to compensate for the lost cockles. :P

I, on the other hand, ordered one with curry chicken in it! 2 pieces were given and it tasted pretty good. But somehow I think it's pretty expensive as my bowl of small laksa with curry chicken costs RM4, which is the same price with a big portion of laksa.

What I like about Restoran Asia's laksa is the hot soup itself! It's rather thick and creamy minus the oily and greasy feeling!! There wasn't much oil in it and I like how the consistency of the soup - some sort like a gravy instead! Taste wise it's HOT!! But not as much as to being unbearable! A very satisfying taste for a chill windy day!
And together with the noodles, oh......before that, of course, like most noodle stalls, you can choose your favourite noodles be it beehoon, yellow mee or kwey teow and can be mixed'll be given a small plate of extra chilli to add to the spiciness and 'omph' you require! I like the chilli too.... it's pretty good and tasty. My aunt once bought their home-made chilli by bottles! Haha... XD

Price are RM3.20 for small; RM3.70 for medium and RM4 for a large portion. Additional of 80 cents will be charged for chicken curry. 

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch right till 2 or 3pm. Notice how blur the writing on the sign board is? So, open your eyes wide guys! :D
Restoran Asia
Jalan Semarak 2,
Rahang, Seremban.


Liz said...

My dad LOVES their laksa. He gets it on most Fridays, on his way back from school.

I, on the other hand, don't really like their laksa. My mum says it's healthier cos they use less santan; that's why their laksa curry is less oily and greasy.

But somehow for me, no-santan-laksa-curry doesn't taste like laksa curry at all ! It may be healthier, but I prefer the laksa they have at the Rasah Jaya square (the square where the old KFC used to be -- they have pretty good noodles and I LOVE the laksa there !) Maybe you should give that place a try for your Project-K :P

Unknown said...

Liz: The corner shop which sells economy rice at noon?? Or do you mean other restaurants near by??

Unknown said...

I think I finally know which restaurant you meant, Lisa! It's right next to the Portugese Chicken rice right?? Opens in the morning... I enjoy going there too for breakfasts cause you get to choose your "liu" (wantan, fishballs, yong tau foo, etc) by yourself and as much as you want! Hahaha....but the price is a bit expensive here lor.... :/

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