Saturday, January 30, 2010

Captured Moments of Scotland: Album 1

While looking through folders and folders of pictures on my laptop yesterday, I somehow feel obliged to share my 2008 vacation-cum-working-holiday-trip to Scotland, the U.K. captured moments with my fellow readers! Keeping them safe in my laptop, somewhat seems to be quite a waste, because a lot of them are actually beautiful and worth a second glimpse.....So, enjoy! First photo album: Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, city of literature and some say, ghosts and ghouls! XD

Oh dear! I can't remember what these buildings are....but you must admit, the architecture is great!

A cathedral in the main streets of Edinburgh - it's soooooooo medieval!

Holyrood Palace - Queen Elizabeth stays here whenever she visits Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Scottish National Monument

Royal Yatch Britannia - once used by Queen Elizabeth and her family for vacations and voyages.

The famed Rosslyn Chapel - thanks to "Da Vinci Code"

Scottish Parliamentary Building

Arthur's seat - great aerial view of the whole city from up here.
Aerial view of Edinburgh city


Liz said...

They look sooo awesome ! And you're right, so MEDIEVAL !!! waaaaa
Wish I could travel overseas :(

Unknown said...

Wait! There's more to come! Hehe.... still got album 2 and 3 for you to view!
Don't worry the time you graduate, I'm sure you'll have many such chances...
Besides, don't forget, I went there to WORK and not no point being envious ok! :)

Liz said...

Still...get to work AND enjoy the scene ! Sighhh. All I see is rural uncivilized Bangi :(

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