Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Lou Poh Peng (Wife's Cake) in the world!!! Fresh from Hong Kong

My grandaunt from Hong Kong just touched down at KLIA on Friday; and she brought me one of the world's best (and of course my ultimate favourite) Wife's Cakes (lou poh peng in Cantonese) along!!!!!!

Together with the Wife's Cakes, she also got me a box of Century Egg Cakes (pei tan sou) too! Which is ALSO my favourite! XP

The Wife's Cakes is different from those made in Malaysia (typically Penang). I'm being very just in my opinion, I think these Hong Kong's Wife's Cakes are so much better than local ones! It's crispy crusted on the outside with soft and just-the-right-sweetness (very lightly sweetened but enough to give you that harmonious feeling ~ If you know what I mean. :P) glutinous rice filling that makes every bite a jolly good one!

The Century Egg Cakes are also worth mentioning! They are very different and special - imagine, half a century egg being stuffed inside lotus paste fillings and baked till the skin is crispy! OoooOooooOOoohhh.... simply divine! I simply love these cakes! XD

I almost ate half of both boxes of cakes on my own! LOL! For something this good, I'll have to wait for my grandaunt's next visit or simply fly to Hong Kong to buy them! XP


Liz said...

Gorsh. They look reaallllyyy good !!!! :)

Unknown said...

IT IS!!! Wait till you taste it! ;)

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