Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth hour?

Now, I believe everyone knew and (probably) "celebrated" (can't think of any other word) Earth Hour yesterday by turning off all their electrical appliances especially lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, yes?


..............I didn't.

Oh don't gasp! And no, it's not that I don't care bout the Earth. I love Mother Nature and do hope to help in stopping global warming but I didn't bother to switch off my lights yesterday...

Well, I just thought....all these while, I had had done my part. For instance, saying no to plastic bags when grocery shopping; taking my own reusable bags along if I really need to buy a lot of stuff; walk to anywhere that is 5km far or lesser; takes the bus and not drive out when possible; etc etc. So.....I believe when I left my lights on for me to study is not that bad after all....

And heck! Earth Hour is being commercialised that people believe that by just turning their lights off for one hour, they had "helped saved the Earth"!! Pls's the mindset and attitude that need to be changed for good and not just for that hyped one hour!

So...yeah! My exams are coming and I need to I left my lights on at 8.30pm.....big deal!


Liz said...

You're right bro. Some people feel like they're such saints for turning their lights off for 1 hour, and then they turn around and throw rubbish all over the place. Leave the fans on when they're not in the room. Do all sorts of rubbish things.
People's attitude on the whole need to change! Not just act all saintly and I've-done-my-part-for-the-next-100-years!

Nisshant~ said...

yup...i've gt people in my neighbourhood who jst 4 fun turn off their lights and the next day, the litter the streets...=S

plus, the turning off all the lights is jst a 'not-so-violent-protest-and-to-make-a-stand-to-urge-world-leaders-to-go-eco-friendly' thingy...thats all...=)

Alan Khoo said...

hey... check this out!

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