Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's official!

All right....I can't stand it anymore! All these times, it was me reading other peoples' blogs and can't post any eventhough I do have one! Not because I don't have anything to write (I have plenty!) or am busy 24/7 (well....most of the times I am busy lah....but when the urge comes, it's difficult for me to resist blogging!), it's because my stupid campus blocks any access to which is where my blog is. So I couldn't post anything, unless I go back to my own home or to somewhere else. And since I hardly had time, I considered it as a blessing in disguise. That's one less distraction. And at that time, I have Facebook and Youtube to rely on if I REALLY am sick of studying or bored to death! That was last year.....

This the new semester starts, with new hope and vision, with a more open heart (finally accepting campus life)... was dashed - or more like splashed with a bucket of ice cold water.....

I got to know that my campus blocked BOTH Facebook and Youtube as well!!! I was like WHAT THE ****!!! Great! This is just great! And the only entertainment website for me was "" now (It's not even a bloody entertainment website! It's a news page)...How sad is that??! So's official! I will start blogging using Man! There's so much getting used to now. Sigh....oh well...what the heck! Hope the change is for the better.

*Maka, dengan ini......aku merasmikan, "rumah" dan zon aku sendiri. Sekian, terima kasih!*


Anonymous said...

kesian kamu. They really want you to study hard huh ?

Liz said...

You're soooo sad. And pathetic. The Star???? *tsktsktsk*
I pity you, you poor deprived, uncivilised child.....:)

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