Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Food! Oh.....God! No more!

Man! It's only the second day of Chinese New Year (CNY) and my stomach is distended like a forty year old uncle! Phew!!! I need a break from all these food, snacks & drinks! I've been eating like a pig most of the time (I have no dinner mah.....have to eat!) Here are some sneak peak on what I had over the psat 3 days:

New Year's Eve

~There's yong tau foo; steamed fish; oysters and mushroom; stir fried lotus roots; steamed chicken; stir fried 'kai lan'; pohpia stuffings; and herbal soup. This year's reunion dinner dishes were kind of 'mild' without the usual fried stuff and curry but still good.

1st day of CNY

~It's vegetarian today and I am not complaining. Vegetarian is nice.....actually, I'm more amazed by the ability of the chef to make non-meat ingredients to, NOT just look like meat but also taste like meat! Look at the pictures...sorry for taking's so good that I forgot about photo taking. Haha...

Top to bottom:(Vegetarian) Duck, Fish and Prawn.

2nd day of CNY

~Went to a restaurant for dinner. Nothing's the usual 8 course meal you usually find in Chinese weddings. But here's a picture of a Suckling Pig for you to enjoy! :D
Now....I've got to stop eating so much......seriously! BURRPPPPP......*`cuse me*


Anonymous said...

haha.dun worry, william !
I'm having the over-eating-syndrome too.
I can't stop myself at ALL !
Must must diet when uni starts

Liz said...

Yes, I confirm that you have a potbelly of that of a 40-year-old. Well, if you hadn't described it as such, I would have thought you were 3 months with child. But anyways, 40-year-old's potbelly is accurate enough! XD

p.s: Ahah!! Told you I'd get you for bullying me today!! ;P

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