Monday, August 8, 2011

Jakarta kata (says)...

Ever since last year, my faculty has been organizing Student Exchange Program for its dental students, a way to increase its ranking in the World Best University list (I think... :P). The participating universities for this year are Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia; Airlanggar University, Surabaya, Indonesia; University of Chiang Mai, Thailand; Institute of Medical University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and University of Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Since I missed out on last year (due to ignorance), I die die also must apply this year! Thankfully I got it but not to my desired universities. :( I was hoping to get either Chiang Mai or Taiwan. But oh well.... everything happens for a reason. So, comes what may! I was given Trisakti University in Jakarta.

My 1-week exchange started on the 15th of July and lasted till 21st of July, which consists of 5 other members. Reach Jakarta at about 5pm local time and whoa.... is the air hazy or is it just me? LOL! No offence, Jakarta friends. :)

I don't think I wanna go through the exchange program in detailed, so here are just some pictures to summarize: 
*Checked in at male kost (student hostel)*
*The ever narrow roads in Jakarta*
*This is how you park your cars in Jakarta! Imagine an emergency happens. LOL!*
*My room. Not bad eh? Air-conditioned, but too bad no fan*
*Picture time at the uni entrance*
*Trisakti University, Faculty of Dentistry - a 7 story building*
*Tutorial commencing! But at the basement? Hmm...*
*Lecture! On law and ethics. Cool!*
*General Dental Practitioner clinic. A bit crammed eh?* 
*Oral surgery clinic - extraction in progress. :)*
*Group photos of course with cute and funny Indonesian friends*
*In the year (dunno when), 4 Trisakti Uni students was shot during a reformation. This memorial was to commemorate them. Wow!*
*With the Dean of Trisakti University. She was an ex-Ms Indonesia beauty queen!*

Besides the formal uni stuff, of course there are plenty of fun with our happening and outgoing Indonesian friends!
*At Mount Udjo, Bandung for a spectacular angklung and cultural show*
*Kawah Putih, Bandung - a natural sulphur lake!*
*Strawberry feast at Bandung*
*The iconic Monumen Nasional (Monas) in Jakarta*
*View from top of Monas*
*Just a random statue near Monas. Looks as though they are not wearing any pants. LOL!*
*Seafood dinner at Bandar Djakarta with live singing*
*My favourite! Foot reflexology at only IDR 35,000! And damn classy ok.*
*1 of the MANY huge shopping centers in Jakarta*
*And Indonesian loves karaoke too! ^^,*

Little do I know that Indonesia has SO MUCH food to offer! I ate non-stop when I was there! I swear I've gained 10kg from all those eating! >.< Here are a few of the notable food that I had.
*Pempek submarine - a Palembang delicacy! Simply tasty!*
*A certain ethnic food in Bandung. Simple, healthy and delicious*
*Es durian cendol! Heaven I tell you. :D*
*Awesome hot, spicy, sourish noodle with meatballs - Bakmi Sakaw!*
*Of course, Indon's specialty, Nasi Padang*
*Crispy on the outside, soft buttery in the inside - Martabak chocolat! Very VERY sinful*

So what did Jakarta kata (says)?? "Welcome and have a pleasant stay!" And we totally did! I love the companion of awesome Trisakti Uni students. They are really fun and outgoing people. The food and entertainment in Jakarta is really cheap. I guess (certain places in) Indonesia is not that bad after all. :)


Liz said...

Waaaaa, so nice wei! haha~ You must have totally enjoyed it! :D

IuhniX said...

Did you try the cake from Kartika Sari in Bandung? The cakes are so deliciouss!

Unknown said...

Lisa: Was just fortunate to be sent over by uni. :)

XH: No wor!!! They didn't buy for us to try! T_T

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