Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project-κ 21: Dry Bak Kut Teh @ Terminal 2

Seremban may not be so famous for its Bak Kut Teh as it is, after all, usually associated with Klang! However, this restaurant called "Restoran Bak Kut Teh Fei Chan" at Terminal 2, Seremban offers a new twist to the traditional bak kut teh! They have DRY bak kut teh and other signature dishes! Now, now.... dry bak kut teh isn't something totally new! Klang apparently had this for centuries (exaggeration here)! And so, to find this in Seremban is really my first. Hence, the need to recommend this place not only to tourists but locals alike!

Besides the said traditional bak kut teh (that is meat in soup) and the dry version, they also have a couple of dishes which are worth mentioning and highly recommended by me! One of it, which is my family's favourite, is the Spicy Burning Meat (for bao yok). I wouldn't elaborate the traditional bak kut teh as seen below as I believe everyone would have known how bak kut teh tastes like. Strong and flavourful with herbs which is perfect to be eaten during these cold monsoon seasons at night! It literally warms you up! :D

The dry bak kut teh..... didn't taste as what I would expect it to be! Haha.... when I heard of the word DRY bak kut teh, what I had in mind was meat (and other common bak kut teh ingredients) being stir fried till all the herbal essence being infused into the ingredients, dry or in thick herbal gravy. Try to imagine the traditional bak kut teh being slow boiled till dry so that the meat in it locks in all the herbal goodness! (OMG! My saliva is drooling!) Hahaha..... :P
But Fei Chan's version was somewhat similar to braised fried pork (char cu yok). Stir fried in onions, dried chillies and ladyfingers. The half fatty and skinny pork chunks are tender and flavourful to taste! It was not bad..... like I said, a change to the traditional type. Worth trying!

Now, the highlight would be the Spicy Burning Meat! I love this! My family love this! We all love this! LOL!!! Pork slices being stir fried with LOTS of dried chillies, bird's eye chillies (cili padi), dried shrimps and salted fish. Then topped with onion slices and onion leaves! It tastes really really good! This is highly recommended! Seriously! Don't be afraid because of the name of this dish... it won't burn your tongue off! I mean.... it's not THAT hot! But hot enough to keep you perspiring and mucus running from your nose throughout the whole meal till you find yourself an air-cond to cool you down! Hahaha.... But really..... it's good! :P

Of course, like any restaurant in their right mind, they do serve greeny vegetables stir fried to your liking and also yau char guai too. Below is a sample of vegetables (bo lei sang choy) I ordered just to complete the healthy balance diet! :)

Also, this restaurant serves Chicken in Rice Wine, Chicken in Hua Tiao Wine, Braised Trotters in Vinegar, and Sauna Bak Kut Teh (recommended by chef) which I have YET to taste them! 

Restoran Bak Kut Teh Fei Chan
31-G, Jalan Era Square 3,
Era Square, Seremban,
70200 Negeri Sembilan.
Tel. no.: 010-2799972
Business hour: 11am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm
Opens everyday EXCEPT Monday

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embracing the first sunlight of the year...

It's 2011! It's a new year! *shit*...

Anyway, while almost everyone was out in various locations around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya for countdown, I was trying to sleep early (at 10pm) on New Year's Eve as today, we woke up at 3.30am to go for a hike at the infamous Broga Hill in Semenyih as we wanted to do "something new" and "different" way to start the New Year!

We start to move out - convoy style! - at 4.15am after picking up everyone, to this alien place. NONE of us knew where the place was! Thank goodness for GPS! Hahaha... Broga hill is situated near University of Nottingham at Semenyih. It's hard to describe the directions, but here are maps from blogs I referred to. (A & B)

We reached at around 5.30am with constant slowing down and waiting for each other at every toll gates. It was pitch dark once we were there! (Note: PLEASE bring torchlights! Each and everyone of you should have one!) We were so lost at the parking area (which is an oil palm estate) initially as there were no signs where the heck should we start hiking Broga hill! So, we waited and followed the crowd! LOL!

Surprisingly, we are not the only one who wanted to start year 2011 in a "new and different way"! Just as we parked our cars, there are 5 to 6 more cars coming to the exact spot! This place IS kinda popular!

Initially the roads were kinda flat and was an easy stroll up ahead. Saw a sign that states "Broga Hill - 1.8km" and "Gunung Tok Wan - 4.2km" and we knew we were on the right track! All hell broke loss once we passed by a run-down, very basic stall with a banner that says "Jalan Murah" (I am pretty sure they meant "JUalan Murah"! Hahaha...) or it DOES literally mean that the paths uphill is cheap! Well, no doubt bout that! It IS! X_X

The paths are mud trails! Uneven surfaces, holes and craters everywhere, some really narrow walk, jungle path and finally a rocky, barren STEEP ascend to the peak! AND I WAS WEARING SKIN-TIGHT JEANS AND SLIPPERS!!! FML! Imagine the difficulty in doing so! There were a few instances that I nearly slipped! (So note: Wear APPROPRIATELY! Shoes DEFINITELY - old ones if possible! Put ALL items in a bag pack, do NOT hand carry! You won't have enough hands to grip for support!)

We reached the peak of Broga hill at around 6.30am ~ roughly about an hour hike! It was STILL pitch dark... :/

And considering there was no sunlight yet, you BET, it was FREEZING cold!!! Imagine your sweat drenched shirts and windy breeze blowing at 60kmph (ok...I'm exaggerating), I can literally feel my bones shaking! NO JOKE!

While waiting for sunrise, (some of us as usual), shiok sendiri lah! Taking out camera and snapping everyone and everything eventhough they know they can't see anything but themselves in a black surrounding! =.="
Oh....and I start munching brought breads to warm up my body! Brrrrrrr~~~ (Note: BRING SWEATER along!)

Mr. Sunrise finally came at around 7am! With a pathetic white streak of lights....

Then at about 7.30am, everything starts to be visible as the day starts to brighten up! Mr. Sunrise can be fully seen by then! *grins* :)

~This was my best photo for the day!~

After MORE shiok sendiri-ness, we finally had enough and descended down at around 7.45am and step down on base at about 8.30am! Almost everyone was tired.... and I had to go pee! Got scolded by the car park attendant because apparently we were parked IN THE MIDDLE of the main road! Hahaha.... didn't know mah~~~ First time ok! Got space mai park lor! LOL! I pretended to be dumb and my coursemate, Mildred settled with her... :P

Dashed to the nearest petrol station, "let go of the water in my tangki (full tank wei~)", found a random restaurant in Kajang, had breakfast and headed back to UM for shower and ZZzzzzZZZzzzzZZzz......

AND THAT is how we do it! HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!! :D

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