Thursday, November 18, 2010

Clean ma' teef for mua pleazzz???

Now, I take a solid whole 15 minutes to clean my teeth nowadays! Sometimes even more than that if thorough cleaning is needed!!! Oh God! I've never paid so much attention to my 28 teeth before until I had my braces on and stepping in to dental school! After all..... it is our job to grill our patients to take care of their teeth, so ultimately we can get a lil' concious about our own! Hence the tip top oral cleansing!

My grandmother always scold me whenever I refuse to take any food or sweetened drinks after I had brushed my teeth! And to make things worse, I keep telling her I'm hungry but no, no food for me! I am NOT going to clean my teeth anymore! Note that I clean  my teeth and NOT brush them?

Cause really..... besides the tilting of brush 45 degrees to the straight axis of my tooth and into my gums (so called Roll technique - serious shit! We have name the different kinds of brushing technique in the world!!!); using an interdental brush to clean each bracket embrasure plus the interproximal area; and IF I really feel like it, add on a superfloss before a thorough tongue scrapping AND a mouthwash!!
Now tell me....... isn't teeth cleaning a hell to me these days??

Not surprising for that 15 minutes period regimen huh? And I have to do it EVERY TIME after meals!!!!!!!!!

The next time my grandma nag me again for not eating after brushing, I'll happily reply....

"Can!! But you have to brush and floss my teeth for me!!!" Hehehe~~~

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