Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time to work hard(er)

It's the time of the, in this case.......the semester, again..... The time which most, if not all, students hate most: EXAMINATION!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got like less than a month to go... the be exact.....3 more weeks before my 1st semester exam! @_@ *the horror*

Studying has been slow nowadays.....don't know why....I've got too much facts to memorise this time....but anyway, I'm not going to let that hinder my progress! So what if there's hundred types of drugs, their mechanism of actions, adverse effects and properties in Pharmacology to remember?! Big deal if there's almost 50 types of microorganisms and their characteristics together with the diseases they caused to know in Medical Microbiology.... And why panic with umpteen diseases, their etiology and effects, and features to study in Pathology?? If it's part of your academic course, then there's DEFINITELY a way to finish studying everything! I am no super human but I'm just going to do my very best for the coming exam! Aim for ALL A's William!!!! You can do it!

Facebook has been a bane this time around....I'm not addicted to it....well, not yet.... just a lil', you know..... "can't-stop-thinking-of-it-when-there's-free-time" and "just-wanna-log-in-for-awhile-but-ended-up-an-hour" kind of situations most of the time..., I guess I'll have to keep my laptop away and limit myself on entertainment from now on.....

*Speaks to self* "It's for the better William.....It's for the better....."

So, wish me luck guys!! And same to those who are having exams soon too! We can do it together! Semua "A" dalam tangan ok!!! XD

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Liz said...

Wow. I love your enthusiasm and optimism !! wakakkaa Unlike you though, my "log-in-a-while" normally turns into HOURS. Sigh.
I just finished my 2nd paper. 5 more to go. When do you start exactly? And end? We go yam char before the next sem aite? I'll see ya Willie !! All the best !! You sure can de, so CLEVER ma !! :P

Unknown said...

I sense sarcasm!!!!!!!!!!
Cis.....Anyway, my exam starts on the 16th and end on the 20th Nov. does not depend on how clever one is the determination and hardwork that'll pay off! ;)
Good luck to ya!

aqlim said...

your exam is drawing near, u have alot of facts to store in your head..All the best !!and the first thing is to stay away from the laptop which same goes to me, no online!!haha.
but how clever one is did help,at least can get soemthing into the head with just 2nd read while the others need to try like 5 times.anyway, whoever he/she is, you are right, determination and hardwork that will pay off+ on the spot performance in exam is very crucial too.

so, happy studying!

Unknown said...

Thanks Qian!!!! Best of luck to you tooooooooooooooooooooooo........... XD

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