Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drama series to spend the remaining holidays...

3 more days....and we'll be back to uni, going through stressfull times with studies again. Sigh...while we pack and get ready for the new semester, do have some time to enjoy the remaining days left in your comfort zone. Here are but a few Mediacorp drama series (Yes, it's Singaporean) that I am currently hooked on to and highly recommend! I couldn't think more than sitting comfortably in a recliner, watching these drama series with a pot of tea and a box of tissues if you may. Haha....I find these drama totally awesome! Trully am addicted! Considering I am a fussy guy when it comes to drama and movies, trust me, these are probably one of the best dramas you have ever watched. I may exaggerate a bit, but do watch it for yourselves. But forewarn: You can be addicted. ;P

They can be easily be found in so you can watch them for free! Here I have embeded the first episodes of each drama series for easy accessibility. Do enjoy!! :D

1. Perfect Cut (13 episodes) ~ it's a day-to-day life story of a cosmetic surgeon. A must watch for those who adores beauty and those who are interested bout cosmetic surgery. Not to mention, they are a lot of beautiful and hunky actresses and actors in it. ^^,

2. Perfect Cut 2 (13 episodes) ~ Yes! It's so good that there is a second season to it! Continue watching if you are hooked or can't have enough on the first one.

3. The Little Nyonya (34 episodes) ~ This is probably the best amongst all of them. It was recommended by a NUS friend and I am totally glued to it! It was extremely popular in Singapore when it was aired in Dec 2008. Another Mediacorp's classic! XD


Qian said...

i have heard my friend talking about The Little Nyonya..never borther to find it out.haha.34 series..its way too long for me.dont think have the time to watch it.haha.

but perfect cut is just 13 epi,comestic surgeon attracted me to watch it, Hope it availble inm youtunbe or some other sites.;)

owh..i saw ex- fav actor, Doctor Tan!!=D i thought he isnt that popular, never know he acted in this drama.

lastly,all the best in your new semester!! we are planning for a gathering soon.:D till then, take care.

Unknown said...

If you do have the time, you MUST watch "Little Nyonya"!!! It's awesome!! But I guess too much of a tragedy for me to handle...sometimes, I feel like going into the TV screen and punch, slap those villains! Hahahaha....:P
But, "Perfect Cut" is also one of my favourite! ^^,

Anyway...we'll try to gather lah when I'm back to PJ! Just give me a SMS. Till then......

Qian said...

lol..going into the screen to punch..i bet you have also used up alot of tissues right ?? hahahahaha...i also couldnt take it if there are too much heart wrenching scenes.

where did u watch perfect cut? i searched from youtube ust now,only saw PC 2..dont have one. you downloaded??

yeah, try to gather la. its hard to get everyone together, ching is planning, i will help him out.hahaha..ok, will inform u. ;)

Qian said...

hey, i have found it via the videos' link that u have embedded in yr blog , the use uploaded alots of dramas..he must have taken alot of thme to upload those series..

watched first part of it,k la. i need to go to bead now.hehe.see you.:D

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