Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now does anyone of you know, or even heard, what Viva-voce is? Yes? No? Ok...probably not. It's actually a verbal test, more like an interview after your professional course final exams. You will be called for viva-voce if you are in the borderline of failing OR you did extremely well and got an A. They are respectively known as borderline viva and distinction viva.

My finals, officially ended on the 4th of May, which was last Monday. But I didn't get to enjoy my holidays yet and was to remain in University because..............I was called for viva. Now,'s not borderline viva, mind you. It's distinction viva! And I've been invited for 3 distinction vivas!!! Yes, THREE out of four subjects! This means I already got 3 A's in hand and hopefully, a B for the last subject. I am overjoyed to be honest, never have I thought that I can get it. Well, yes, I aimed for it and I really have to thank God for making it come true! I've worked hard, extremely hard for my first year in Dentistry. There were times when I just wanna break down and give up everything. I even considered of dropping this course and just choose something else which was easier. Thankfully, my family was there to support me, told me not to be stupid as this is one of the most prestigious course and now....I've made it to the end of year 1.

Pondering back to the very first day I came in to University Malaya, everything was new and difficult for me. Life as a dental student was never easy. In fact, I dare say it's even tougher than medical students! But those were the past, I managed to survive and I've learnt a lot. Learnt how to be more matured, start to understand the vast field of medicine and most importantly, to know more about my own capabilities.

My journey of life is still long and to begin with, there's still 4 more years of studies to go before the start of my career as a professional, as a doctor. So, I pray to God that whatever that is coming, help me overcome them smoothly and help me strenghten my will to go on.


Liz said...

You can and you will Willie!! I know I can't say that I've known you for years and years and so I know you better than you know yourself. But I can tell that you're a hardworking person, who can take what's coming at him. :)
So congrats to you weiii. No small feat. Dentistry is damnnnn tough. And you made it. If you can take on Dentistry, you can take on anything.
I have no doubt in my mind at all that you will make a great dentist in the future.


Free treatments for me eh?? XD
Kidding. I meant everything I said.
Gambatehh nehhhh :P

Unknown said...

Oh...that's so sweet of you, Lisa! But that doesn't mean I will stop bullying you alright! I sayang you, that is why I bully you. Now I even sayang you more! So....expect more bullying from me kay? XD

Liz said...

Erm. You can't expect me to fall to your feet in gratitude for that do you? Cos that's so NOT gonna happen! >.<
Ahaha sayang you too!! I know you can do it. Enjoy your hols. Visit sometime. And start reading that novel "Perfect Match" okay. Tell me what you think :P

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