Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smart people does the stupidest things, at times

Yesterday, an Indian salesman by the name of Yoga, came up to the clinic I'm working at; said that he invested in a perfume company called Luca Bossi which went bankrupt and left him with lots of designer perfumes as compensation for his investment. He also said that he used to sell them to departmental stores like Parkson and Jusco but now, can't do so as he has no right due to the bankruptcy of his company. So, he resort in direct selling, going from door to door and selling them DARN cheap! What kind of perfume he has? You name it, he has it! From Poison Midnight by Dior to Pure by Hugo Boss and even Summer by Calvin Klein. Everything selling from a quarter of its market price! Which means only RM30 - RM40! (Original price range from RM190 - RM300). first, I was sceptical. This is just too good to be true. And so I consulted my mom which also said the same thing and asked me not to buy any. But the thing is....I am stubborn. I know it's fake, or at least i had the thought that it can't be possibly genuine. Still....there's this little part of me that says, "What if it's real? It would be a great deal! Besides, it's only RM40. Even if it's fake, it won't hurt that much."

"But then, you can't get RM40 just like that. You need to work and earn it. Every penny needs your blood, sweat and tears. What more is RM40?! It doesn't come out of thin air you know!"

Sigh....I was in such a dilemma yesterday. The salesman keep bugging me to buy even after countless "Can you come back later" but he kept on coming back. (I think I should work on my hinting skill). Maybe it was greed or maybe I was just too innocent. Maybe I've got to be cheated or hurt once, so I'll be wiser the next time and will say "NO!" to all these too good to be true offers. Maybe....just maybe.....

My mom knew I wanted to buy by hearing the tone of my voice. Haha....mother knows best what her children are thinking! And she gave up trying to brainwash me.

I looked into the Net to search for help and got this article [ ]:

"These days imitation perfumes have exactly the same designer’s name, almost identical labels, boxes, bottles and very similar scents! So how would you tell that the designer’s perfume that you’re about to purchase is genuine? It’s really not that easy since counterfeiters have become masters of their crime with the aid of modern digital imaging and printing techniques. They are capable of producing almost identical replicas of all the major leading perfume brands on the market today. As a consumer you may never really know, until you experience the actual fragrance which may be close to but not exactly as it should. You'll discover that the perfume does NOT last as long, perhaps as little as one hour instead of half a day or longer as is the case with original designer perfume.

Things you should know if the perfume your are going to purchase is genuine or fake

1. Fragrance Consistency should be transparent and clear and color should be consistent. The Fragrance should not be overly oily.

2. Ensure that the seller guarantees the fragrance is 100% original and has return policy.

3. Fragrance smell should not be bitter or sour and should smell fresh.

4. On Ebay, check if the seller is Paypal verified. Sellers of counterfeit products are afraid to disclose their contact information to Paypal. If the seller is Paypal verified paypal has completed the necessary steps to ensure that the seller provided the right address.

5. The perfume that you are going to purchase should not have any skin reactions It should not make your skin itchy or create rashes.

6. Be suspicious about bargains. If a fragrance or cosmetic is too cheap, it may be a fake or old.

7. Check the box. The color should be identical and the cardboard good quality.

8. Buy from a reputable seller that has been in business for some time and has an ABN number.

9. Check the printing. It should have correct information, including spelling, logo and print style.

10. The color should match the color of sample bottles in department stores or boutiques. Color quality doesn't always show up well in photos, so ask the seller to photograph all the bottles of that kind of perfume in that concentration with a white background. If there is relative variation, start getting suspicious.Fakes often get the color slightly too dark or too light and are inconsistent.

11. Fake bottles are often badly made. There should be no air bubbles in the glass and the moulding marks should be even. Fake perfume bottles are generally poor quality compared to the genuine bottles.

12. Bottle labels should be positioned correctly and contain correct spelling, print style, logo and trademark.

13. Fakes print the information onto the glass with a paint-like ink. If you can scrape the ink off with a fingernail, it is likely to be faked.

14. On Ebay, check the seller’s feedback, if the seller has bad feedback this could mean problems with your purchase.

15. Look for a bubble in the spray tube. The bubble indicates that it has never been sprayed. Some sellers will take a large bottle of perfume and pour it into smaller bottles this is called decanting. You can often distinguish decanted perfume-the spray tube does not have air bubbles inside.

Take time to compare prices of products before deciding to buy. You have better chance of finding the best deal if you can spend time comparing prices and offers. When purchasing online, Consumers should look for reputable websites that have good ratings and guarantee their Discount Perfume products.Considering all these tips would help you know if your designer's perfume is genuine or fake."

Amazingly, the counterfeit perfume passed ALL of the bold tips......except the very 1st one; AFTER I bought it and tried it on myself today, I realised it only lasted less than an hour! :'(
True enough...I felt so stupid after that. I said, smart people does stupid things sometimes.

Sigh...thank goodness I bargained with him for RM30. I told him I am suspicious of his perfume but I'll give it a try to test if it's real. I asked for a cheaper price and said that if it's real, I'll recommend more friends to him. He was excited of course. He even gave me his contact number. (And now, he won't be getting any!) So, I managed to save RM10. I guess the damage is not too bad.....right??? Please say yes..... Sigh...with RM30, I can go for a round of good, expensive food! But then again, lesson learnt. People learn from mistakes, so do I. So do I.....

Picture of the perfume I bought (left). SEE! It looks SOOOO real (right).

So guys, BEWARE!!! With today's technology, even fake looks like twins of the original product. I've been cheated and I'm telling you now so you won't be the next victim!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now does anyone of you know, or even heard, what Viva-voce is? Yes? No? Ok...probably not. It's actually a verbal test, more like an interview after your professional course final exams. You will be called for viva-voce if you are in the borderline of failing OR you did extremely well and got an A. They are respectively known as borderline viva and distinction viva.

My finals, officially ended on the 4th of May, which was last Monday. But I didn't get to enjoy my holidays yet and was to remain in University because..............I was called for viva. Now,'s not borderline viva, mind you. It's distinction viva! And I've been invited for 3 distinction vivas!!! Yes, THREE out of four subjects! This means I already got 3 A's in hand and hopefully, a B for the last subject. I am overjoyed to be honest, never have I thought that I can get it. Well, yes, I aimed for it and I really have to thank God for making it come true! I've worked hard, extremely hard for my first year in Dentistry. There were times when I just wanna break down and give up everything. I even considered of dropping this course and just choose something else which was easier. Thankfully, my family was there to support me, told me not to be stupid as this is one of the most prestigious course and now....I've made it to the end of year 1.

Pondering back to the very first day I came in to University Malaya, everything was new and difficult for me. Life as a dental student was never easy. In fact, I dare say it's even tougher than medical students! But those were the past, I managed to survive and I've learnt a lot. Learnt how to be more matured, start to understand the vast field of medicine and most importantly, to know more about my own capabilities.

My journey of life is still long and to begin with, there's still 4 more years of studies to go before the start of my career as a professional, as a doctor. So, I pray to God that whatever that is coming, help me overcome them smoothly and help me strenghten my will to go on.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beginner's Luck

It's my mom birthday yesterday...and I went to celebrate with the rest of the family at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Subang Jaya. The place was great and value for money. Food was good and the high price was worth paying for their fresh and delicious authentic Japanese delicacies! But that is not what I wanna blog about today...

After dinner, the whole family went to Genting and I tagged along...overnight and the next morning, my parents brought me to the Casino. Yes...I know...I'm not exactly 21 years old yet. But the guards just let me in without taking a second glance. *Wait a minute....Does that mean I look OLD!!!!*

Anyway....I have always wondered what is in there that makes my parents, expecially my dad, to NOT come out and even played for more than 24 hours continuously! Today, I finally knew....the casino, i would say.....looked more like an adult version of archade centre. Slot machines were E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! There were all sorts! Some, the classic ones; others with pictures of farm animals; one even had Prince of Persia in it; and everything was electronic. And honestly, they look EXACTLY like those found in the indoor theme park for kids to play! The only difference is that, these machines vomits out cash instead of tickets. And tables with all sort of gambling 'games' imaginable were at the sides of the humongous hall.

But I despise it as much as I despise gambling. I think it's just a waste of time, energy and hard earn money! It's my first time here and my mom brought me around. She even withdraw RM200 for me to warm up! I was like...."What? No need lah...I'm not good in all these anyway."

But she insisted that I should try and when up to a slot machine with chickens in it. My mom claimed that this is her favourite type of machine as the music is very relaxing and the chickens are very cute. Immediately I went --> -_-"

Anyway, she inserted her card then a hundred bucks. Started off quite lucky as we managed to get 35 free spins and money keeps cashing in! But after that you watch your credit going RM 150....RM100....RM86....RM50....RM31.....RM10.....and finally RM0.14!!! And it happened in just 15 minutes!

I was like "WHAT??! So fast lose all already ha?" and asked my mom to leave this money-sucking-place (I told you I despise casinos). But she ignored me and inserted another RM100 note.
"MOM!!!", I hissed.

" more round", she replied.

And mom and I end up alternatingly pressing the little flashing "money draining" button. In just 5 minutes, after losing bout RM20...the whole slot machine got jammed!

Lights stopped blinking and so did my eyes! I went WTF?!

Then at a very small screen on top it shows something that I thought was a contest advertisement.

"Congratulations! You have won a CAR!"

I poked my mom and pointed at the screen.

"Mom....I think we have won a car."

"I think so too, son. But let's not be too excited and confirm with the officers around"
We called one over and she was more excited than us. She went like "WOW! You've won a car! You're damn lucky lah! Stay here...don't move and I go call my manager"

And within minutes everyone at the side of us came and looked what was all the excitement about. Strangers congratulated us and talked to us like old friends.

Procedures took more than an after another, officers...then supervisors...then managers....then head of manager came over to confirm. And we were on a call marathon, receiving calls from relatives and making to others who "still doesn't know". I know...i know....why brag right? Well....when you are an can't help but do so.

The Genting management prepared the stage, set up mics and called the head manager. For an hour we waited for them to get ready...then when it is about time to go on mom went to toilet and they waited and searched high and low for my mom! was a funny scene.

For more than 20 years we've lived in this world and probably you would have guessed, there's nothing like a free lunch, what more a free CAR? At every contest there will be "terms and conditions applied" printed at the very bottom of it, so does this.

It seems that there are 2 cars available. One is the latest model of Nissan Sylphy 2.0L CVTC costing RM129,000 while the other is the cheaper, smaller RM66,000 Korean SMART car which I think is a hybrid.

Left to right: Nissan Sylphy and Korean SMART (looks something like that lah)
My mom was told to pick and match cards depicting the respective cars. She was told to choose 5 cards out of 10 and the most card that matches would be the car she won! How sly can Genting be! I mean....come on lah. OBVIOUSLY there would be more cards for Korean SMART than Nissan right? Which organiser would want to give away their more expensive prize?
My mom choose card number 3,1,7,8 (It's my birthdate, 31/7/88). At first, she got an even vote for each. 1 for Nissan and 1 for SMART. Then, God probably must have helped her or was it my beginner's luck, that the next 2 cards were ALSO Nissan! And you would have imagined the excitement in the casino. Everyone cheered and clapped! The emcee asked my mom what would she do to the car.
And she replied "Well....I was just talking about buying a car for my son. And now I've got one. So, son....this goes to you!"
*Sob* Touched, huh? too.
But I am not keeping the car. It's very grand, i know but it's very expensive to maintain. The insurance alone costs RM5000 plus every year. Besides, it's such a big car and my family doesn't need such a big one. Moreover, considering its 2000 CC engine, the monthly expenses for petrol would probably kill you. I think it's a bit too much for my family to bear considering there are already 3 cars at home now. So, we would be selling it. :) Any potential buyers out there? Do contact me k!
PS: There's no photos (except for the 2 car models taken from the Net) uploaded this time as I've got everything in my camera and I forgot to bring my smartcard reader. Will do so the next time! Photos of the new 'temporary' car and my mom on stage in Genting casino. Cheers!

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