Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fat attack!

Ok....I'm off to a bad start! It seems like almost everyone had had enjoyed their CNY holidays and are still in the holiday mood. And it also seems like most (if not all) of us had gotten fat over the new year! Haha.....yeah, I know! It's bad of me to make fun of others. BUT I got fatter as well!
Well, I....know....that I got a bit fatter over the week. But when I attended the 1st lecture, a friend of mine was like...."are you trying to be fatter than so-and-so (who is bigger size than me)?" Got the hint? I mean....I didn't know I got that fat??! Or was it a joke??? I so damn hope it's a joke!
Oh God! This is worrying.....i got to eat less (very very less) from now on. Sigh....vanity sure has a high price to pay.
But seriously.....have I gotten that fat?????


Anonymous said...

my friend said i look rounder. :(

Unknown said...

Pity us eh? Sigh sigh...

Liz said...

Tu la, padan muka bully I kat rumah I sendiri...huh XD

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