Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tenji treat!!!

Those of you who still don't know bout Tenji Japanese Buffet....shame on you! Forwarded mails about this restaurant and its promotions had been circulating like MAD on the net for the past months! I had had received the same email 3 times already!

I didn't get to go when they still had their promo (RM49.90++ for lunch) on last 2 weeks and so, was kind of disappointed about it. Cos I really REALLY wanted to go for buffet that day....But apparently, the restaurant was fully booked from the 1st day of promo right up to the last day. So, hard luck!

My friend probably had sensed my disappointment and she arranged a surprise for me! I was treated to the normal price lunch buffet at Tenji for RM77++ by her, today! *Soooo soooooo very sweet of her* The reason was because she got a RM200 angpau and just wanted to spend it all....:) *PS: she is rich*

I never eaten as much as today. The amount of food probably can last for a week if i start hibernating now. I am FREAKING full right now and my stomach is distended like a cow's! Phew....any bigger, it'll blow up!
Haha....anyway here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Some are taken from other blogs and emails to get the complete picture. I am not going to comment about the food cause I think I'll just leave that to the professional food bloggers as they had had done a good job. I got my urge to eat at this place from them. You can check out this blog for a review:
I was kind of disappointed, by the way, because some dishes shown in blogs are not to be found there today. We paid for the full amount, but we get less than the promo people get? What the heck???

Me and good ol' Joe at Tenji, Soho KL, Mount Kiara.

Me chowing down on this ----------> Raw oyster. After just 2, I felt like puking! Am not an oyster eater!

California Roll (back) and Soft Shell Crab Roll
Ginseng soup. It was so good that I drank half of it before remembering to take a picture. :P
Arrays of raw and cooked stuff. Sushi, escargot and mussels.
Herbal Soup. Was good too.
Really good pasta....but forgotten what it's called.
Cakes. Mousse and cheese cakes. I only enjoyed the Strawberry cheesecake.

More pictures:
Free flow of sweet, baby coconuts.
Arrays of sashimi.
Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside...Roasted Lamb Roll!!!
Deserts: Spoilt for choice
Haagen Daaz ice-creams
Chocolate fondue
Overall, this is a quite good buffet but I had higher hopes on it, hoping it would be much better. Sigh...probably I had just put my hopes up too high. I'll give it a 7.8 out of 10.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prayer menace

I'm not being racist today...No! I never was. I'm just kinda fed up with it and just can't stand it no more. I know Malaysia being an Islamic country and all, but can't Muslims be a little tolerant to others as well???
Now, I believe most 1st year Uni students stay in hostels right? So....does anyone here has a problem with the surau people BLASTING their voice off the mike and broadcast it throughout the whole freaking college???
Yes? YES?!!!
Well....I did! And I think it is annoying!
I understand they have to recite their prayers using a speaker so others will know that they are suppose to pray now. Cause apparently most people doesn't know when to pray, so they have to rely on the surau people to remind them. efficient.
But they have to SHOUT all the way through their prayers???
I mean....I don't mind if you just speak moderately loud enough for people to hear you...but screaming like a rock concert will just get on people's nerve! And I hate it!
Someday, I just feel like putting the speaker right in front of them and let them hear how "melodious" their voice are.
Even more sickening is that, some even treat it like a karaoke session! Yeah.....karaoke! They apparently "sing" all their way through...How revolting!
I have one surau guy who prays like the whole world is having an earthquake. Why? Cause he over used his vibrato! This is not a freaking talent show! And are not on air. Even if you are, you will still lose cause your! No matter how much your vibrate it or even put a vibrator in your throat (just to get the same effect)!
And one more guy prays as if he is about to throw up! I'm not joking....He ends every word with a *croak*. Oh man....can't they understand others people's feeling as well???
And one can't even hold a single note well. His voice breaks at every high pitch note! Oh my God! I'm having nightmares! Imagine being woke up by this voice at 6 am! It affects the rest of your day, I'm telling you!
My room is relatively far from the speaker yet I still hear it loud and clear when one of those 2 idiots conduct the prayer by shouting. What about those who have the speaker right under their windows? I really pity them. They probably have gone deaf by now.
Sigh.....One day, I really hope there's a meeting to bring up this issue. I know it's a sensitive thing but for the well fare of others, someone gotta speak up! Well, I know I will totally support the move to quiet down the prayers. But for now......SIGH...............

Sunday, February 8, 2009

30 minutes panic!

Now, have anyone of you ever lost your phone??? No....don't gasp! I didn't lose mine...but I sure know how it feels!

My dad came up to KL today, so he brought me out for dinner. On the way back, I was texting Anupama (a friend of mine) and just left it on the seat for I was expecting a reply from her. So I didn't bother to put it back into the pocket of my shorts.

But no reply.....and I've reached my campus. Took the things my dad brought for me from home, took my notes (yes....I bring my notes along in case there's any free time to read) and stepped down from the car....

Went to my room, put away all those goodies from home. Do my laundry, go back to my room, set 30 minutes alarm on my phone........"Wait!......... Where is my phone?"

It took me a minute to realise that it was still in my dad's car. I went like "OH MY GOD!!!! Shit shit shit!!!! I need to call dad! I need to call dad! Oh no....i don't have a phone! What should I do? What should I do??!"

Ran down to my coursemate's room (my roommate wasn't around), bang on the door, grab hold of him! "Quick! Give me your phone! GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!!!!'
And to make things worse.....he set his phone in Chinese! Great! More delays.....
"How the hell do you make calls???!!!!"

Eventually I managed to get to talk to my dad.....

Me - "Dad!! Where are you?? I left my phone in the car!"
Dad - "Aiyo....I've already passed the Sungai Besi toll gate lah."
Me - "SHIT! Then how?? I've got LOTS of things I can't do without my phone!"
Dad - "I'll ask Boy Koko (my cousin) to bring it back to you lah."
Me - "When??"
Dad - "I don't know. Maybe tomorrow.....maybe later."
Me - *cries*
Coursemate - "You want to order Domino's pizza tonight?"
Me - *stares at him* "Don't talk to me.......I have no mood now!"

Back to my room.....start thinking...."Oh my god.....What am I to do now? How am I going to wake up tomorrow morning without an alarm? I'm expecting messages from my drama team. How are they gonna contact me now? How am I to know when is practice? I've an appointment to make. How am i gonna retrieve the phone number????"
And my mind just keeps going on and on and on.....

Went to shower...."Great! What luck have I got today....SIGH."

Was half way through, then my coursemate shouted for me in the toilet.

Me - "What?"
Him - "Your dad called....he said he'll reach here in 5 minutes."
Me - *in disbelieve* REALLY?? Haha....oh ok ok!!! THANKS!!! *beaming in the shower*
Him - "So? Do you want to order Domino's pizza tonight??"
Me - " -_-" ........up to you lah."
Him - "Ok! Haha.....Yippee!"

And that's the whole story....for the past 30 minutes, my life was turned back to the prehistoric time. I mean....try to imagine lah. Being so dependent on the phone, and suddenly losing it is like a huge chunk of your life was being grabbed away!

But the real hero today was of course MY DAD! He's a real saver. THANKS DAD! :D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fat attack!

Ok....I'm off to a bad start! It seems like almost everyone had had enjoyed their CNY holidays and are still in the holiday mood. And it also seems like most (if not all) of us had gotten fat over the new year! Haha.....yeah, I know! It's bad of me to make fun of others. BUT I got fatter as well!
Well, I....know....that I got a bit fatter over the week. But when I attended the 1st lecture, a friend of mine was like...."are you trying to be fatter than so-and-so (who is bigger size than me)?" Got the hint? I mean....I didn't know I got that fat??! Or was it a joke??? I so damn hope it's a joke!
Oh God! This is worrying.....i got to eat less (very very less) from now on. Sigh....vanity sure has a high price to pay.
But seriously.....have I gotten that fat?????

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to work!

All right! CNY is (not officially) over! And I'm back in Uni. I've got to pick up the pace as an exam is coming reeeeaaaaallllll soon. No study week, drama practices and lots of journals to read...I'll be so screwed this time as I haven't really prepare myself for this exam! Arrrrrggggghhhh!!! I don't know who to blame and I'm reeealllllyyyy panic right now! Sigh....should have force myself to study during the CNY break. Oh God! Am regretting now......Damn it! Damn CNY! Damn me! No more fun and games and going back to hometown for me this time.......not until this exam is over!

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